1 FC Cologne Klopp comparison Baumgart That s nonsense

Steffen Rampart has woken up 1st FC Cologne since his arrival in summer. The coach was celebrated and cheered.

In the interview with the German Press Agency, the 49-year-old talks about the conclusion of his first five months in Cologne, but he also criticizes developments in modern football and false culture.

Mr Rampart, you are an emotional guy, the FC is an emotional club, but would you have thought that the first half year will be so emotional?

Steffen Rampart: I can not say that I’m completely surprised. That a lot comes to me here was clear to me before. In the end, it was exactly the way I expected it.

They were very curious on the first carnival…

Yes, it was my first carnival. It takes a bit until I’ll fan.

Her cladding as a Schwann made the impression as if you’re already activated.

That was already fun. But now it’s time again. Now I also live on, well.

And the Kölsch now tastes better?

It’s not that Kölsch does not taste me. I’m waiting for oils. But you can drink both.

There were other clubs that were interested in the season. Would you say that you have made the right choice?

I could have said that after a day. I was clear and happy with my decision, and never asked myself how it could have been elsewhere.

How does the Jürgen Kloppy conclusion fall after twelve games?

You can discuss whether the glass is half-full or half empty. Basically, I am satisfied with the guys, I’m just dissatisfied with one or the other result. But for me, it is half full. For me is crucial: Is there a development? Are the guys go with? There works pretty much right now.

In summer, they were quickly collected and could be seen on all channels. In the Jürgen Klopps Studio, in the Older Tr eff, as an expert at Amazon, in cover stories as with 11 friends or as a winner at the Football Plan of the Year. Did that happen to you someone too much or have you enjoyed the public?

If you are in Cologne coach, you can not escape the public. Otherwise, you can not be a coach here. Of course, it must always be in the context. I feel at the moment. The fact that you perceive invitations to such shipments, I consider as a football coach for normal. And what my commitment is concerned as a so-called expert: I personally decided to stand on the other side personally. I’ll try that now. If I like it, we look at if it goes on. And if I do not like it anymore, it’s not bad either.

Last but it seemed a little less. Was that a conscious decision?

Yes. I have taken me something back. It does not have to fix everything on a person. That’s why I’ve not led one or the other interview.

There was among the players envy that always the coach is in the focus of the public?

I believe that the players are very glad that focuses on other persons and not on them.

You now have your own beer lid or your own march. Are these things that they get too much?

I take that true. But I’m not the first coach who is on a beer lid, there is every season. And the march was the idea of ​​an artist.

Relatively quickly comparisons like Jürgen Klopp von Cologne came. How do you feel that?

That’s nonsense. I do not want to compare myself with someone. And Jürgen Klopp certainly not. Only because there are two coaches emotional. Jürgen Klopp is a superior trainer. Because he has built up and developed everywhere and did not cost expensive to be good.

The comparison besides the emotionality, therefore, therefore, that a coach, a person, has wondered a club virtually.

Then it’s a nice comparison. But I think that was already in Paderborn. Not only in Cologne. Paderborn suddenly was also on everyone’s lips.

Is there a question that you can not hear anymore?

No. They just make their work. If I get a question three times, it may be that I answer it three times differently. Depending on what has evolved since then.

They also talk public about political issues. So for the push of Markus Söder because of a vacuum light for footballers.

I have the feeling that the football associated with Corona always comes into the headlines when some are in the end with their Latin. I think we are a very good distraction maneuver for not always very good work.

How do you see the World Cup in Qatar?

Gruesome. But I find a lot of what marketing technically does the football, scary. If one says we play a World Cup every two years, how do we relieve the players now, then I have an idea: We manage the Nations League. Namely, no dead sheriff is interested. I do not find it good to draw the preliminary round in the Champions League on ten games. We used to have three really horny European Cup competitions, because it always went to the K.o Round from the beginning. That worked. We are always explained, it would not be about money. And I am also working in the industry and does not want to pick up my own branch, do not understand me wrong. But basically many people decide on football that have no contact with the base. Football is made for the little man and the little woman, for everyone and not for the big companies. We should not let us take away.

On Saturday, your first derby with the FC is on. How big is the tension?

I am still relaxed. The excitement comes on Saturday, and there I can promise: then she is definitely there. But I have this healthy lamp fever before every game. Also in the preparation. If I go bored sometime in a game, I stop.

After the last home game against Union Berlin, they have criticized the impatience of the whistling fans.

There was a ball shot off. And suddenly there were calls from the tribune. My expectation is that my boys are kicked and cheered. People are allowed to suffer, but they may insult anyone. We have a culture in the stadiums, in which it is often just about driving on it. This problem is not just football. One and a half years everyone was pleased to return to the stadium. Now you can do that again, and some have nothing better to do than get rid of your frustration. I’m very far away from accepting that. Also, if people pay money. Even then you have to preserve the nursery, even then is about respect. Pottering and insulting just does not work. And nobody needs to explain that, he makes it out of the emotions. If someone does not handle his emotions, he should stay at home and rummage his TV. There has been a little something changed with me.

There was a trigger for this?

I always hear: they deserve a lot of money, they have to let this happen and let them have fallen. That’s part of it. But I say: Why do I have to do that? I am coach, I have a responsibility. But no one has to be offended by the grandstand or on Instagram. It can not be that a family father with his child on the side in the stadium rumbling and then says: That’s football. No, that’s not football. We have to change this culture. In this respect, the last and a half years had at least something good. We have seen what was missing. After that, it is much too fast back into the old patterns.

Is the expectation at FC a bit of the curse of the good deed after the first results?

At my start in the summer we did not care for us. Now you dare to us anymore. Maybe even more than we can. I really prefer that. You just have to leave the church in the village.

Despite these excesses, the joy is great about being back. To what extent do you have afraid or concern before renewed gymnasts?

I do not hope that happens. Because many people with hygiene concepts and 2g do everything to lead again somehow normal life.

Your goalkeeper Time Horn is missing on Saturday. Previously, they had said that the duel has become narrower with representatives of Marvin Schwab. Horn returns to his injury as a number one or can vary with the number one?

Marvin is an excellent goalkeeper who has completely convinced in the cup, and with Time we had a strong number one in the league so that it was really a close competition. Time will be for four to five weeks — this question can not be reused now.

To the person: Steffen Rampart (49) is born in Rostock. He played more than 350 games in the first and second leagues for the VFL Wolfsburg, Hans Rostock, Energies Cottbus and Union Berlin. As a coach, he mostly officially worked on until 2017, before he took over the third division SC Paderborn and led it to the Bundesliga. After the descent, he stayed a year and moved this summer to the first division of 1. FC Cologne.