Eintracht Frankfurt Museum proudly on great award

The Eintracht Frankfurt Museum has been awarded the Julius Hirsch price 2021 on Monday evening in the Frankfurt Palmengarten.

Museum Head of Matthias Thomas poke of a great award that makes us very proud of a great award. Thomas accepted the honor together with CEO Axel Hellman.

The DFB appreciated with the awarding the sustainable and comprehensive work of the museum in the field of exploration, work-up and, above all, the contemporary and broad mediation of the history of the association in the Nazi time.

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The DFB vice presidents Peter Peters and Trainer Koch had come to the social store. Truth must remain truth, Peters said, Remembrance must remain alive, we have to escape every spark that could trigger a fire as early as possible.

With the prize donated in 2005 reminiscent of the seven-time international Julius Hirsch murdered in 1943 in the extermination camp Auschwitz, the DFB distinguishes annually associations, initiatives or individuals who publicly use for democracy and human dignity, and counteract anti-Semitism and any form of discrimination.

Nachts im Museum bei Eintracht Frankfurt I Exklusive Führung durch Museum und Stadion

Also awarded the Berlin Association Party Games, which specifically uses the connecting power of football to offer educational offers for the fight against racism. The FC Victoria Wittenberg from Saxony-Anhalt received the silver shell as a third winner.