No gates and a self critical hull

For Trainer Christian Stretch was mainly due to the lack of gaming for the first time in this season, that his team has been lost to home for a long time and the second defeat resulted in a row with the 0: 2 against Frankfurt. The numbers confirm that. The sports club had more possession of the ball against Frankfurt (62 percent) and shot much more frequently to the gate (21:13), in some situations, the team awful luck, said prank. Nicolas Howler had considered the post, Tuna a shot of Gift clarified on the line. The opportunities on the goal out were there, but the Freiburg could not use them.

Frankfurt Effective — Fleece practices self-criticism

The Contract was very effective. However, the Freiburg honed with the emergence of the two heads shortly before the break, which were symptomatic for the game. At Jesper Angstroms, Lukas Ruler involuntarily submitted in the box. And with Filip Optics free kick from around 30 meters, which jumped from the lawn to the inner post, Mark Flecked wanted to be no clear goalkeeping error, a complicity he gave himself at Sportsman -Microphone. I did not come back quickly enough, got a bit too far before the goal line, said the Dutch.

If I turn it back, I would do it differently.

Christian prank about the nomination of Schlotterbeck

After the break, the SC from 3-4-3 set to a 4-4-2 km, defender Nico Schlotterbeck had to make room for attackers Kevins pity. Because of muscular problems, the use of Schlotterbecks had been questionable until shortly before the game. These are not surprised, but his replacement was not only tactical. According to the prank, it was a precautionary measure, but the 21-year-old could not build on the very good performances of the previous games after his forcing break. If I could turn it back, I would do it differently, said prank about Schlotterbecks nomination. But he was by no means the reason for the defeat, the reason was that we did not shoot a goal.

With the substituted pity, the sports club had its best phase, the youngster was often only to stop by fouls, which were partially punished with yellow. That the Freiburg could not use the following free kicks showed a weakness on Sunday afternoon. For standards, we were not quite as good, and Frankfurt has defended it very well, said prank, Frankfurt has left everything in the second half, what was going away when the ball was not there, then the body.

We could have been able to continue half an hour, and he would not have fallen.

How Do I Overcome Self-criticism of My Appearance?

Vincenzo Gift

With the performance of his team, however, he was satisfied in the second round, we played with tempo and Power, everything pure. That also saw Gift so, who had two good chances in the first half. We tried everything if it does not work, then it does not work, Gift said at DAZN, we could have played half an hour, and he would not have been going on — such games are there. But he saw no reason to keep the defeats hanging on the Bavarians and against Frankfurt: We play a great season and try to drive the next threesome in Bochum. And for VFL, the Freiburg continues to drive as a table greater.