Red Deads online challenges celebrate jump day

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Bissextile years occur only once every four years ago. 2020 is one of these years, and it means that an additional calendar day is added at the end of February. Yesterday, it was February 29, Leap Day, and Rockstar Games celebrated the Leap Day in a rather interesting way. They have added special challenges Leap Day Red Dead Online that require a double grip to really get it. Yesterdays challenges were all related to the jump. You understand? To jump? Jump? For a game on firearms, the West and the horses, it was a pretty creative way to enjoy this quadrennial day.

If you missed the challenges, the list was published yesterday on Reddit. They all involve jumping in one way or another. The image shows some screenshots of acts in progress and the challenges that accompany them. The challenges listed include: jumping from a horse on a moving train, jumping from a horse to a moving trolley, jumping from one horse to another horse and jump on a horse with a height of 3 meters. An uncontrolled challenge is to survive an ambush. Wait, what does it have to do with the jump? Oh. An ambush is when you get blown up. V intelligent, Rock star. V intelligent.

Good day of jump! R / ReddeAdonline

Almost every game participates in the annual holidays, but very little seemed to celebrate the day of the jump. Personally, I would have liked to see a Red Dead Online challenge that would require jumping players 1000 times. It would be a laugh and a half to see a server full of players jump continually. Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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