Halo Infinite First impressions after a few hours Chief Teacher ends with many doubts

There are few sagas that can be considered absolute totems of video games, as well as emblems of an entire brand. Undoubtedly, Halo and Master Chief in league play Half Life, Mario, Pokémon or Uncharted. It is to see the spartan armor, rifle, Cortana or SUV Warthog, and wake up in the collective consciousness of the players a lot of memories, memories and sensations.

Hallo is indivisible part because of video games. So server raised the opportunity to make some first impressions of the initial hours of Halo as a special event. Of course, not professionally is nice to talk to prejudge or look forward to something, but specially connecting with memories of the Xbox brand, which recently celebrated 20 years. That first game Gears in an English court, the feeling of huge world in the first Halo co-op or this Reach.

Hallo Infinite, despite being immersed in that second trilogy Master Chief, had the task of looking back to the first Halo and bring it back to the present. That aroma huge game, unpredictable battles and a world as distant as charming, an exercise that Nintendo did with Breath of the Wild, to the roll back to that feeling of discovery that had the Legend of Zelda passing the original screen.

Craig shadow fades

Despite such high expectation that Halo Infinite, something put my feet on the ground. Although the delay was long and had time to work on many things, the truth is that the shadow of doubt flew over my head before giving starting. Not that does not rely on 343 at the technical level, because it is no longer that certainly takes away in the first minutes of the game, it is that enough to see the latest films to the best quality to see who had risen a couple of steps with respect to that fateful gameplay.

The issue is that in those last game plays was clear that Halo Infinite at the least that fragment shown, is a predictable game. We knew what to expect from the Master Chief, weapons and vehicles (which is of the highest quality, but known already), but now we knew the playable loop now covers issues such as open world, side quests and all concepts we have played other titles over the past decade.

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The question then was how I was going Halo Infinite differentiate and establish itself as a game vendeconsolas of the highest level; how to raise the Xbox brand and would in standard of Series X. Would with a main missions desolates ?, a huge mapping ?, very different approaches to how to complete the mission areas?

A hard Master Chief, but corazoncito

The truth is that through the first few hours of play, moving from a purely narrative and direct access to an open world approach where we can complete a secondary few, can get an idea of ​​what is Halo Infinite, and how you will get this complex mission described in the preceding paragraph.

A narrative level, we have a Head Teacher more involved and expressive than in previous installments. We all know the visual power of his armor, but also the limitations that this entails in terms of charisma of the character. Even knowing that the Master Chief is a badass manual, and knowing that in the last two numbered titles in the Halo saga has opened more than ever, it seems that Infinite want to go a little further. It is a rewrite of the character Rates style because Infinite no longer the end of a trilogy begun with Halo 4, and must be consistent with it. But appreciate a new twist on Master Chief is a good decision.

The spectacle is still present, as could not be otherwise, with u NAS main tasks very Epic. The scenarios are tremendously detailed during this more targeted part, and the Master Chief continues to show signs of following in way to get what refers memorable moments. Of course, we hope that this will in crescendo as missions succeed.

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The Halos Doom

And after a few hours away, we open the world before us. We get to that open area that we have seen in the videos, and begin to approach us new gaming systems created for the occasion. We will have the classic map with various icons, which invites us to follow the points marked on it to get such interesting topics as improve the Master Chief and his skills, or new weapons for our mission.

At the moment we have been able to see secondary missions as the conquest of advanced bases enemy, which ensures a quick trip point and deployment of weapons and vehicles, elimination of relevant objectives, which give us a special weapon, or strengths full of enemies with important points that sabotage.

Although they do not stop being very good missions in the genre, stand out for what has made Halo great during the years : a gentle gameplay like velvet, some weapons full of charisma and artificial intelligence of brilliant enemies. This is what makes each mission a challenge, and that we think about things like using the best weapons according to the situation, or the search for coverage.

All these things, joined to a hook that is a protagonist of the first hours of play, makes us inside Halo Infinite we meet an Arena Shooter in the Doom style; especially with the executions of your reboot. The comparisons between the Doom Guy and Chief Maestro go beyond the suit, because this adds a tremendously glad mobility to some confrontations that now earn in space.

Thank you to Microsoft for letting us access the preview of Halo Infinite.