Nagelsmann because of Kimmich We do not live in Alaska

Starting position and favorite role could not be clearer in front of Bavaria s guest performance at FC Augsburg on Friday (20.30 pm, live! At percent): the leader in the table-16th, and that has reasons.

The Munich-land with an average of 62 percent most ball possession, Augsburg with 39 percent the lowest. Bayern s 211 goals are best, Augsburg 107 also, in the negative sense. Also in duel (53.9 percent) and pass quota (85.2 percent), the FCB nobody, Augsburg is located in these statistics on a relegation place (two-fighting 46.6 percent, passes 70.7). Robert Lewandowski has achieved four more with 13 hits in this season than the entire FCA, against which he cheered in his career in 17 games 21 times — among other things on the last match day of the preseason, as he in the 90th minute his historical 41, Seasonal goal celebrated.

Gimmick s topic freed Nagelsmann in irony

Nevertheless, Julian Nagelsmann does not take the Augsburg, he was well-prepared: This is the team that stands on the second lowest in the league. I expect you tend to be very deeply standing, you will lurk on counterattack. The right question is to act well in your own possession and take Augsburg to take these counter options. The FCA prefer a very straight way under his colleague Markus Easier, seeking direct path to the gate.

In addition to the opponent, Bavaria already employs Corona unrest again. Next to Kingsley Coman (muscular problems), Niklas Sure and Josie Statistic (both domestic isolation) fall out, the unvaccinated Joshua Gimmick threatens a renewed quarantine. Shortly after completion of his quarantine, the national player once again had contact with a possibly positive person. We do not live in Alaska, where every 700 kilometers a moose and every 1400 kilometers a person pass, but in a civilization, Nagelsmann escaped in terms of contacts in irony.

The danger is significantly larger for uncovered, games and training sessions. This is located on the presentation plate.

Julian Nagelsmann

I m the right to understand the non-vaccinated players, he replied to the percent question whether the uncovered players are aware that in the case of their quarantine (s) he be as a coach and the association the sufferers, especially In important games. The danger is significantly larger for unvaccinated, games and training sessions. The players get that with that lies on the presentation plate without me saying it.

Nagelsmann pleads clearly for the vaccine, but damn the uncovered but in contrast to parts of society, I m going normally with them, they are not bad people for me.

Müller before 600. Compulsory competition in the Bavaria jersey

If Gimmick is allowed to ride, he can refer to the other unvaccinated players with the rest of the team on Friday a daily hotel in Augsburg. A derogation for workers makes it possible. And at the latest from 20.30 clock it goes with kick-off only athletic. Thomas Müller will be the 600th compulsory match for the record champion.

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