Angel Games Park Ji hoon Wonderers

Game of Thrones [Gem UV ɹɹOʊNZ], likewise called the iron throne (according to the French title of the charming work of which it is adjusted), is a United States Fantasy TV series produced by David Benioff and DB Weiss, broadcast in between 17 April 2011 and also Might 19, 2019 on HBO in the USA all at once on HBO Canada in Canada.
This is the adaptation of the series of books created by George RR Martin because 1996, saga renowned for its realistic look and also by its lots of ideas from real historic events, places and personalities, such as the battle of the two-roses, the Wall of Hadrian or Henry VII Tudor.
In France, it has actually been broadcast because June 5, 2011, on OCS Cine choc, end up being OCS shock, on Canal + given that January 10, 2013, as well as rebroadcast in clear on D8 (ended up being C8) from October 28, 2013, as well as on D17 (currently STAR) 2014.
The history of the collection, located on the fictitious continents of Westeros as well as ESSS at the end of a summer of ten years, intertwines 3 huge intrigues. The first intrigue tells Jon Snow s tale and the future enhancing danger of wintertime coming close to, legendary and famous animals from northern Westeros wall surface that divides the kingdom from the 7 crowns of the danger situated beyond. The second intrigue associates the technique of Daenerys Targaryen, south of ESSS, (the last exile rep of the dropped empire) in order to return to the iron throne; sign of absolute power. The third intrigue story the background of the members of several worthy households, in a civil war to conquer the iron throne of the kingdom of the 7 crowns. With these morally uncertain characters, the series explores the topics pertaining to political power, climate change, the social hierarchy, faith, civil battle, sexuality and also violence in basic.
Game of Thrones has actually gotten an exceptionally large and also active worldwide fan base. The collection has actually been well-known by the majority of criticism, although some have actually released bookings regarding the high amount of physical violence and sex in the story. She has gotten lots of awards, including a Hugo prize for the very best significant fiction as well as a Peabody Honor, along with ten premix time Emmy Awards — consisting of 3 to the best remarkable collection for the first three seasons — 2 elections at the Golden Globes. Within a significant distribution primarily made up of British stars, the American actor Peter Dinklage won the Emmy Award in addition to the Golden Globe of the ideal actor in a second duty for his interpretation of Tyrion Lannister. The British star Set Harrington won the Young Hollywood Honors of the ideal star for his interpretation of Jon Snow. The British starlet Emilia Clarke won the Gracie Allen Awards of the most effective starlet in a significant collection for his analysis of Danes Targaryen. In 2013, the Writers Guild of America called 40th 101 the very best created collection in the background of television. To day, Game of Thrones is among one of the most unlawfully downloaded and install television collection in the world. In 2015, the series got in guide of documents as the most broadcast collection worldwide, with 173 countries. It is likewise among the most expensive series in history, the budget of period 6 being $100 million, or 10 million per episode.

Saga has since steadily showcase the game on the game offline G-Star 2017. Founded in 2013 all the angels Games in Daegu. Angel Games is starting to reveal to prominence by developing services and a load of dice in 2016, Real Madrid has produced a variety of games and IP-based services. The company is also moving very busy, such as advance booking start of the — last month started an SLG Mobile, Fend Miracle on services were, in this month, Tower of God M — a great journey.

Then the angel showed the Games booth ginseng two huge projects to the amount of G-Star Wings in 2021. The Wanderers and the Tower of God M. In particular, the Wanderers from those charming graphics and bright colors, cute dongle I have NASUWT a 3D character whilst Angel Games showcase based on 2D game was somewhat different feel. This game is really jyeoteulkka how to make? Meet Angel Games representatives and, Wanderers Developers also asked the representative of one bakjihun did not disclose such information to launch and plan to introduce after the Wanderers, yet.

The game seems to Mecca in the first Bornean. Ask a simple self-introduction.

bakjihun Representative (hereinafter night): I am responsible bakjihun Angel Games President and Representative individual PD. When he 20, he rewrote some pro gamers life, he worked as from 30 games developers. Founded by Angel Games in 2013 during a journey to make a good game services.

compared to four years ago, it has gone big enough to really drive the attention this year. Developers must be wondering what you feel as the previous representative.

Night : For those who are close to many such stories in this G-Star. Too personally much happier than you, They say this. And I m really grateful to the Lord of the user who die. In the end I ll have those users who really love the Lord of the dice were we able to come to continue the journey.

It continues to do so now, coming out of the G-Star because I think that was why. Even though not a big update to the loading of dies during land preparation downed leave your comment in the café that many users have come to G-Star. I m often gone beams. So I really appreciate it. So I think it s a blessed developer. Everyone it for what you think the Lord of the dice as their own child, downed regarded as like something out of us so large.

In the previous game Angel Games geurimche or game graphics and elongated gakkaunde the mahjong, Wanderers is definitely a different feel to them. Cute and charming graphics and why the art concept to develop the game is what it is, I wonder what is the motif of the reference or whether the game.

Night I like to play with my friends to play with. War to also like a fun game. But 2D pronoun had a number of limitations to create a game like this. Angel Games in early. I had a similar story. Then we have 6-7 people can be made to the developer, it was the best game of dice is loaded, you can play together. Now, the team was also determined that the growth was ready to be put to imagine more I grow the game. So I did the conversion to 3D fighting game let s once properly created. I wanted to give several options to put the initial user, I started let s make a little more work in the big world fun you can accumulate by that choice.

The concept has had a troubled artwork to enjoy more users are no bulk. So I Diego fact that a lot of progress in the Middle Di Bella Rob development. Game added that the parts received love from existing small think I found the midpoint of the form to receive affection. So we re not a bad choice when given feedback. Now I have a decision likely be able to start a good journey.

Due to iteotneundeyo donghwajeok elements and charming graphics are expected to feel the impact or effect would lightweight, becomes a showcase massive action than I was surprised. It should not be hard to find charming and did a coordinating point between heavy action?

Night : You ve said earlier references, previous work is also not geuraetjiman with a reference to create the game. So was the fact that the most difficult part. It was the middle of the game really changed a lot because it was the first 3D game created by Angel Games. A lot has changed since I had so many Wanderers have stretched him once loved later developed the initial version after the release you want to show at a time.

It was the center of a war game thought that the most important because it was the first goal of action, deulyeoteoyo many balls in the action in order to properly deliver its hands. If part of the collect-type effects such as RPG yen, but it is brilliant, visually hageodeunyo be sure whether the war games. Also people see re supposed to come in, the effect is visible. So if you exceed even the highest quality was watching a little too much distressed to match the line from which the user can feel that I am Putting to play a game in which you can put your affection.

easy combat system that uses ten thousand and three kinds of skills I think seems reinforced by the variety of weapons. These systems geotingayo considering the mobile and PC cross-play?

Night : Yes. Now I think that is a very spacious three times as enjoying the game. So easy, yet there are also three more mobile PC like me, 10 now rather young teens are much more mobile than pyeonhajyo PC. So I wanted to create an environment where they can enjoy both. Not just can the mobile games can be played on a PC, so providing operating environments for the PC and the mobile has got a lot of focus to fit the environment in which you can thank provide an environment for mobile play with their users a wide layer.

Come to play in the demo version of both the PC and mobile, mobile also could find no apparent drop frames or graphics down. I wonder hasyeotneunji developing nervous at some point wrote for mobile optimization.

Night : It seems to be a story to take our development implementation. (Laughs) optimization of course it s the most important part. In fact, as we re told PC game ever. Now that the game should be able to enjoy both the mobile PC ditch, I made a goal that everyone should enjoy the game at its best. Not just get the resolution down to play in the mobile game Genie in the PC and force, to allow users to play it easy to select the mobile device has been developed for the mobile, PC can play well as PC.

I applied to our R & D developers struggling quite a lot of the latest technology for mobile optimization. So maybe charged in this style action game from far dungeon ve been expecting would be the most high-quality games.

There is a puzzle adventure into the middle, which I enjoyed, but some gamers avoid the puzzle elements are there also seems to feel the fatigue. What do you think about this part?

Night : why one system into the adventure s sake give choices to the user. If only we had started a war game, War of fun or stressful or user, and so You ll be charged also tiring the user. So the system will create an adventure to create content that is fun to capture that enjoy enough alone. Puzzle elements are now also all users must be done, not something that puzzles modern more compensation gains a little more Advantage, or pass the puzzles and adventures takes away things that you can take back a little more. DeJoy progress while continuing those various options.

The demo version haetneundeyo not find an automatic button combat, do you intend to put the game auto-battle function?

Night. No. AUTO will not put. Eventually put the gun is automatically user I have to skip the automatic combat because it is more important than the actual result of the play process. But now the content of the Wanderers is made out in the play itself is much more important game will not automatically Check if the default content. Instead, I m going to create a lot of other content that can be enjoyed when users are tired, get some rest.

For example, decorate my hideout various environmental content that can decorate your character also several part-time jobs, and while also producing in him too also be ready, and in the open field, as gently as I that just have conversations with my other players It s also running and fishing, and attending along making the visit a number of interesting streets to FIG. As such things do not directly play the game, you go out and enjoy the things that make a stay in the game.

I think of course how to pass a string sex as a re-interpretation of a fairy tale will also be required such thing as story mode is implemented in some way, I wonder if the whole story is developed in any way.

Night : usually expressed as a character dungeon. It will be made as your emotion and adventure concept of a specific character, and tells the story they dungeon experience. Background of demonstrations map is where the background of Alice from the teaser image. That way the story platter dungeons have a concept for each character I m going to pass this character is what your users.

who are considering going even further dungeon element or elements of the collaboration character?

Night : the appearance of the old fans by those loaded dice of ll also be looking forward, we also do a very fun and worry they. So maybe it would if either the join with the roots of the most fun you could proceed in any way. We also (when information Cola) I m imagining something that always join the fun in what way did the most users have come to expect and fun.

Maine You ve said that the war, in those who promote explanation seems to talk about the content of Battle Royale lacking. Hasingayo ever more possible explanation?

Night : If such a charged main content simply m just way to gather gold in 9999, but the victory conditions wins fight ends with an opponent. While the use of the center s collection to collect gold occurring on the battlefield, but gold would grow stronger in battle, or we can choose to do ahkkimyeo faster wins. Besides the strong will too can choose the same way dragging the gold away with a magnet moving speed or faster. As a user I put in the choices they make trouble for the machine to win the game.

I m demonstrations we considered the various modes so can enjoy four to four and 10 people can enjoy a solo, but only a preparation, or a duo of two teams of four. Later by the actual user testing will find the most popular modes. In addition, adventure and war because I hope the various parts do not come from the publicity will show on the TV to find one saw coming.

I also do not like can not be a consideration for BM as with a variety of content. What Is the BM will consist of Wanderers?

Night : By default, the character is going to draw it stops. Users are Would kind enough adventure and going to produce a BM environment in which to enjoy the game still, so users are rapidly than any forced BM to play the game or, more variety contains the optional BM enough to enjoy having the desired character I am the initiative.

We were also enjoying the game now fully understand the pros and cons of several BM, BM, and the models wants this game as a user, you know that the BM model common in the market. I am distressed to continue in the meantime. Nevertheless, nothing that can tell you confidently that the user fully agree, and I have a desire to inform whether it can make a good performance so this BM in Korea.

usually customized for the equipment I used as a factor for most of BM. Wanderers also happens all the equipment purchased in costume proceeds to the Geisha?

Night We are still fully BM is hard to tell in detail design phrase not fix the situation, provide compensation in the content does not prefer the things that are offered in the game in a way that, the options offered by BM this seems to be.

20 in Galaxy Note mobile demonstration process felt a little heat devices. If you think a function or other load to be added in the release date seems many people feel uncomfortable with fever or capacity problems, have you ever can, you think and let you know whether you will use the minimum requirements, or some way for mobile optimization?

Night You will not receive a definite answer, jurywomen levels seen in G-Star s goal As we saw kept passing the desired quality in mobile, we have reached the point somewhat. Now the rest of the time I m thinking, because the time to be concerned at the end optimization, I d be in progress to optimize enough to enjoy a sufficient number of users.

Is pre-release testing will be carried back?

Night : tattoo probably will start the first test early next year, I think we would take turns to test against different people often pulled fewer people than large-scale testing. Wanderers are charged the center, to offer the user a wide variety of floor because many minutes can repeat the testing and feedback, and it is expected to have smoothed the process of the game with the user.

What is the content that will be added to thick or updates since the release of the roadmap?

Night : seureopgineun yet launched careful because not even a game, but once you re going to be packed all the things that users will imagine watching the game. For example, the characters enter an adventure all environments m is to block. In this block or that environment that users will directly create a hideout or dungeons own their own, and largely prepared a lot of things, starting with the environment to create such a collective space to come together as a friends or guild directly decking, In fact, I have already prepared a lot.

But those things in order to update re supposed to go back to the end of the most core of the core content of war and adventure and this social play smoothly. So I m going to move on to the content Hayden I am certainly ready to grab the first place.

things you can do to the public for Wanderers You gave us all a whole. In addition, Full word you ever want to transfer to the Wanderers.

Night : flowers, War of Wanderers was not the winner is not determined solely controls. So I m looking forward to some more games that users can experience trying to play PVP. In addition, we do not PVP, as I mentioned gigolo will be fully prepared to further enrich the adventure and the social, living, decorating characters such content to enjoy the Wanderers. I hope that if the user can enjoy a variety of games.

In fact, recent re good for the user to gaze Korea game so not to. One of the reasons we went out but ready to rush to get this G-Star has received as much love in Korea anyway, I came to show properly, making this game. Many users through this opportunity I wish once again had an expectation of Korea game.

Thank you for finally awaiting Wanderers players say.

Night : Seoul ll have to wait many users. Now and a little tired in mobile gaming, and the roll also was too long (laughs) gonna had to expect would come out of the game for the one time friends again somewhere, that game so well in Korea, rather than abroad, ready to work hard a and. If you look, hoping it would not play one can find a new pleasure, we are also thought to be ready to do our best to meet the expectations of those users.