When Bobby Kotick is not going now Activision Blizzard will lose more talents

Activision Blizzard is a computer system and also video game group based in Santa Monica, California, USA. The company stemmed from the Blend of the Publisher Activision with Vivaldi Universal Games. In regard to sales, the company is the market leader in the computer system as well as video games industry. The shares of the company are traded under the acronym ATV at the NASDAQ. Majority proprietor was Vivaldi till July 2013.
The company developed on 10 July 2008 by the merging of the US Team Activision and Vivaldi Gaming, a 100% subsidiary of the media company Vivaldi. The Video Game Sup of Vivaldi was integrated right into Activision, which Vivaldi obtained the stock majority of Activision Blizzard with 52 percent of the shares. Vivaldi has counted on choices the opportunity of increasing the shares to 68 percent. The component Blizzard in the company name returns to the video game programmer Blizzard Enjoyment, which Vivaldi Gaming introduced into the new Team. As a result of the general brownness by the growth of the computer game World of Warcraft, the high sales share in Vivaldi Games and also the autonomy that the studio enjoys both under Vivaldi Gaming and also the new team, the blend partners chose to fit Blizzard in behalf of the company.

The sexism scandal at Activision Blizzard is again highly cooked. In a revelation report of 16.11. The Wall Street Journal raises serious allegations against CEO Bobby Kick (58). In the room, the concealment of an alleged rape and a murder threat. Mango editor-in-chief Day Minkowski says: If Kick does not work, then it will do others.

It s not easy for me to read the revelation report of Wall Street Journals. When he was released on the evening of 16 November, we came together with the editor again and have hardly found words for what was there:

An employee reported the Human Resources Department of a rape to take place within the company. Kick had concealed these allegations to the board. The whole thing was clearly clarified.
Kick is intended to threaten an assistant in 2006 with murder. He should have apologized for that. The incident was clearly clarified.

Kick is to have initiated that the employee Fran Townsend the application in an e-mail to the Team of Activision Blizzard. Townsend was evil to the company s thousands of employees: they demanded their resignation as an Executive Sponsor of the Women s Network of Activision Blizzard. She stepped back.
The Executive Board was not informed that an employee had taken his own life after nude pictures circulated from her at a company celebration. This did not receive the Management Board only after the initial indictment font against Activision Blizzard.

If you plague dark thoughts, you can turn to the phone numbers 0800/111 0 111 and 0800/11 0 22 to the telephone s organs — this is nationwide and free.

Since the publication of the application has been known to us that Blizzard was shaped by a history of sexism and strong alcohol consumption at work. So far, the action against Activision Blizzard primarily stood the Gaming Studio Blizzard in focus.

Due to the revelation report, the focus was directed to Publisher Activision and its CEO Bobby Kick.

The allegations for this column so listen, lets me swallow me — and these are only the highlights. It is important to count the allegations to understand the extent of allegations. If a CEO murder threats manifested and alleged rape against the board opposite, nothing further undertakes — that is important.

Witch hunting or a long overdue step?

Now every time it is damn difficult to report on such incidents and make the right decisions in reporting. Because of course we can do nothing.

The Wall Street Journal involves its information on interviews that were conducted with the staff. There should also be documents that underpin these assumptions. For the sources it has a tremendous meaning that they remain anonymous. It is important that your names and the corresponding documents do not find their way to the public.

In the comment column to such reports, we are always addressed by the famous case around the TV presenter Jörg Kuhlmann. Kuhlmann had been released from the allegation of a rape in 2011. Until then, his reputation and his career were already ruined.

Witch hunt then says — and yes, you have to be right for you.

In the case of Bobby Kick, it looks so that it receives the reporting on the allegations as unfair. In a statement to Bloomberg, it is said that one is very disappointed with the report from Wall Street Journal. It has not been highlighted the positive changes that existed since the release of the sexism lawsuit.

The Executive Board of Activision Blizzard expresses that you stand behind Kick:

The Executive Board of Activision Blizzard is committed to the goal of making Activision Blizzard for the most welcoming and integrative company in the industry. Under the leadership of Bobby Kick, the company has already introduced industry-leading changes, including zero-tolerance policy with harassment and commitment to significantly increase the proportion of women and non-binary persons in our workforce […]. The Executive Board continues to trust in Bobby Kick s leadership qualities, its commitment and its skills.

Official statement from the Activision Blizzard board to the revelation report

However, the allegations are not disputed. We can assume that here is a great truth content in it.

Incidentally, these measures also counted Jen Deal to the co-boss at Blizzard. The now is gone and together with her two more women have gone in leadership positions at Blizzard. So there is already measures that were not so sustainable.

The own teams at Activision Blizzard is probably different from Bobby Kick and the board. Immediately after publishing the Wall Street Journals, a strike and walk-out of the workforce was announced and also carried out.

Much of the workforce wants Bobby Kick. According to Bloomberg, more than 100 people should have participated in Blizzard and that, although still home office is offered in the company because of the Corona location.

Bobby Kotick is Toast - One Disgrace Too Far For Activision Blizzard?

If Bobby Kick does not work, it will do others — and that will be painful

It may agree that under the leadership of Bobby Kick have already been implemented some changes in the company. It likes to agree that the board has further confidence in the leadership of Bobby Kick.

Likewise, however, people who significantly create the Games for Blizzard have lost their confidence in the CEO. Otherwise, there would be no protest now and no strike. Otherwise, there would not have been numerous redundancies of key figures in the company over the last few years.

The short-term co-chief at Blizzard Jen Oneal would not have said anything else: she has no more trust in the lead. She pulled her consequences and has gone. Others could follow their follow.

When I put myself in the situation of the employees and staff, came a thought: we arrived at one point where you are ashamed to say that you are working for Activision Blizzard?

I came to the pondering a few days ago. I reached personal news on my Instagram, in which I was asked about advice. A young person who has gotten a lucrative job offered at Blizzard asked me if one should take this place with today s circumstances at all. She was very doubt.

My answer was that there was still weight in the industry to work with a company like Blizzard. This still opens to doors and gates. It can be a springboard.

I reflect my answer to this person today, I see the problem:

For now, I could not advise this person to enter the company to make career there and work for years at Blizzard. Because neither the future of Blizzard, nor the current situation sits really rosy.

At the moment, a job change to Blizzard in my view would be an attractive transitional point to qualify for other jobs in other companies later.

If you have only a big name, but no attractive work environment can offer, that s not a good sign to keep talents or get them.

All I see independently of mostly crowded games that have given us Activision and Blizzard.

It is unlikely that Bobby Kick goes — but not impossible

Kick is himself partners with Activision Blizzard, and he gets the support of the board. He would have to go out of free pieces. But then he would not have the chance to wash his current reputation. He has built up the company for over 30 years and I can not imagine that he wants to go under these circumstances.

There would be a high pressure from the outside, so that he pulls the final stroke and clears the field. Employees and employees would have to be very loud that investors go to the barricades.

However, if Bobby Kick remains, then more will go. Even more young talents will question whether they want to work for Activision Blizzard. Ultimately, the leadership always bears the responsibility for the entire company.

There will now be a very hard phase on Activision Blizzard and greatly burden the development of games and slower. Right here you need young and motivated talents the most urgent.

According to the latest revelations, I personally can imagine that young talents like to work under the leadership of Bobby Kick. Of course, I can only judge this with the view from the outside.

I am waiting what will happen in the next few days and weeks. Kick can sprain the pressure from the outside and stays in his role, then a stony path is in front of him. It is not easy to get the playful confidence back.

Whether he manages to win trust and to change sustainably in the company, will still show and can take years.

I wish the team behind Activision Blizzard that you can recover from this and find the new size — whether with or without Bobby Kick.