Professor of Anti Famon The next government the digital new Double is missing

The President of the United States (POTUS) is the president and head of government of the USA of America. The president directs the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.
The power of the presidency has actually grown considerably since its formation, as has the power of the federal government in its entirety. While presidential power has ups and downs in time, the presidency has played a significantly strong duty in American political life since the start of the 20th century, with a remarkable development throughout the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. In contemporary times, the president is additionally looked upon as one of the globe s most powerful political numbers as the leader of the only staying global superpower. As the leader of the country with the biggest economic situation by nominal GDP, the president possesses significant residential as well as worldwide hard and soft power.
Short article II of the Constitution develops the executive branch of the federal government and vests the executive power in the president. The power includes the execution as well as enforcement of government regulation and the responsibility to designate federal executive, diplomatic, regulative, as well as judicial policemen. Based upon constitutional stipulations equipping the president to assign and get ambassadors and also conclude treaties with international powers, and also on subsequent regulations enacted by Congress, the modern-day presidency has key duty for conducting United States international plan. The duty includes obligation for routing the globe s most costly military, which has the 2nd largest nuclear arsenal.
The president likewise plays a leading duty in government regulations as well as residential policymaking. As part of the system of checks as well as balances, Short article I, Section 7 of the Constitution offers the president the power to sign or ban federal regulation. Considering that contemporary presidents are additionally usually considered as the leaders of their political celebrations, major policymaking is considerably shaped by the result of presidential elections, with presidents taking an energetic duty in promoting their policy top priorities to participants of Congress who are typically electorally dependent on the president. In current decades, head of states have actually also made enhancing use exec orders, company guidelines, and judicial visits to form domestic policy.
The president is chosen indirectly with the Electoral College to a four-year term, together with the vice president. Under the Twenty-second Amendment, ratified in 1951, no individual that has been elected to two governmental terms might be chosen to a third. Furthermore, nine vice presidents have actually come to be president because of a president s intra-term fatality or resignation. In all, 45 people have actually served 46 presidencies covering 58 full four-year terms. Joe Biden is the 46th and existing president of the USA, having assumed office on January 20, 2021.

A 10 years. So if in fact the government reorganization done at the next government. The department reorganization is constant. In the meantime, it is inevitable to mention the presidential candidates and the camp. Moon Pro-government was launched without the committee. Empty in the left background is a regime change without a reorganization launched a typical government organization. At the time not without a reorganization discussion. Quaternary Industrial Revolution and the C-P-N-D was a topic (content-platform-device-network). The industry wanted to integrate the C-P-N-D features such as distributed gotta future creation Sciences, Korea Communications Commission, Ministry of Industry usually, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, Privacy Commissioner as one of the government ministries. Atmosphere was also granted to introduce a horizontal regulatory framework. 4th Industrial Revolution era for money. Five years later, the 4th Paradigm and pandemic Corona 19 of the Industrial Revolution was summoned to the buzzword Digital daejeonhwan. This time, look at each of Recurrence gaepyeonron being talked about around the presidential camp and the ministries.

I hope the next government yoga the emphases of the Moon Jae-president. The overall flow of the Digital New Deal is valid, and I hope the next president also leave it in mind. If the regime is to replace a lot if you are replacing the front of the previous government s policy, a space Doing so handsome Korea it is no longer happen. There is still overdue should bear this in mind.

Anmunseok Korea University Public Administration Professor Emeritus advised thus in a bold theme of ICT policies in the hope the next government Proceed with CNET Korea. The interview was conducted in Korea jeonggyeonggwan Adv past eight days.

Not professors urged that the ICT sector has changed, even if the government take continuity of policy. National strategic remind the judge that the odds get out of foster technology and industry based on the current trend in order to counter the hegemony of ICT, including the United States and China.

Digital New Deal government is being promoted is the 49 trillion won is added to one main point to the data dam construction, advanced, digitization of non-face-to-face SOC infrastructure, such as the Met averse Services Excavation Project 2025. By this time the goal is to create 2.5 million jobs.

Not the professor, is not it that the Korean government changed the ICT Policy and It was because of what we now enjoy the benefits of e-government was not a big trend in the ICT policy changes in the last government fortunate, and even Moon Jae-President President Park Geun-hye is ripest, and you did not get rid of the e-government Steering Committee.

Following Now there are digital New Deals and the Green New Deal during the presidential statement of achievement, look at what a kind of master plan, he added, saying that the next government dwaeteumyeon hope the government moves to trim it further to run.

No professor has served as a special e-Government Chairman, Regulatory Reform Chairman, Broadcasting and Communications Convergence Promotion Chairman, Korea Education and Research Information Service (CERES) Chairman, Korea University Vice-Chancellor and the like. He is currently gotta bolting he also invited the Chairman of Future Mobility Forum strives for the domestic e mobility industry enabled.

The following is not a bold professional chapter with Professor Park Seung-Jung CNET editorial Korea.

ICT has good correspondence to the corona… Next year, the core logistical problems Contrast

The government has declared a Weed Coronado staged a day to recover from the last one day. Anmunseok Professor How do diagnostics on the same flow in view of economic social and cultural.

It burned more reached the top limit yen back to the old ways. When you eat at lunchtime restaurant workers are Bob Weed Corona has already more ago. Looking at the trend economically by the way has been a limit in the past traditional defenses manner. It is prepared for Weed Corona, and the preparation course should have ICT skills.

receive the assessment Ada correspondence with ICT skills in Corona situation is fine and is expected to become more active in Weed Corona. How is one expected next year.

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The essential reason for the emerging countries have the means to interpret the physical conversion function and information processing capabilities. 19 Corona pandemic in the last two years after the information processing function is Ada very good. As a platform for e-government was possible Hettie well-built ICT infrastructure.

In terms of material converted, logistics and production it is not yet the case unsolved. That situation will be the same next year and will be stocked with a very fast speed while a tree blocked the stream. It must be prepared for the demands increase exponentially. Also, it solved a lot of money. In the future logistics would be a problem.

Logistics is also bound to end up with full artificial intelligence and ICT. America as a huge failure from there. The United States is not to say this because people from the container unloading, China has fully processed the logistics from the port. Artificial intelligence (AI) is neat groups did a voluntary process.

When something like that unfortunately seems to be lagging behind the United States. If logistics issues even after the state utilizing the processing AI, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be enough. Korea also always expect to manual labor, there is a limit to solve the logistics problems.

From now on the government to seriously consider. Among the autonomous moving media to think only autonomous car is very important. Logistics Network. Fully available to our skills and it is also a great technique required.

20 presidential election commitments would have come out a little ahead, the presidential agenda nice gongyakhwa not the professor view that what is Bond.

Korea should not think that changes the e-government and ICT policy by the regime change was the traditional keynote. Gun enjoys the benefits of e-government in the past it was because the government was not as fortunate change in the trend of big politics. Kim Young Sam announced a master plan is the high-speed information when planning government.

One step further when President Row Moorhen President Kim Baeldung s successor to e-government policy was expanded to 31 projects. When President Park Geun-hye was remodeled to create an e-government steering committee. The same would have succeeded. Moon Joe is surprising was that the president did not eliminate the night, while the liquidation of President when people e-Government Committee. So watch that allows policy continuity.

Now s wrong with this, Moon Jae-President of achievement are digital New Deal and the Green New Deal. Looking at what is a kind of master plan. I hope the next government will have to dwaeteumyeon slightly trim the master plan that the government move into action. The overall flow is correct. Better go hit up the Digital New Deal hope that the next presidential candidate, leaving it in mind. Changes to the regime to push the work of the previous government, then it arises spaces. South Korea can not happen saenggimyeon more space. There is still overdue want you re worrying about the continuity of policies.

ICT sector need Dreaming Buddha leading… Technology autonomy urgent

given to point out the historical context of the reorganization of departments. So what could the issue in the next presidential election.

Now that s the most important thing is the leading intelligence agencies required to move on to the information society in the information society. When our country is going to the industrial society from agriculture was the leading ministries. That was the Economic Planning Board (EPP). So I could get dragged in to the agricultural industry.

When you go from the industrial society to an information society was the Ministry of Information and Communication. When you go to the intelligence information society are such leading agencies it is needed. Leading organization departments should be dreaming. The atmosphere should be free to discuss horizontally. Such an atmosphere is needed in the way the organization leading to new social connections in seconds, intelligence information society.

The important thing is to be able to have a jojeonggwon the budget books behind. Leading department is due to the difference must be some conditions, and other ministries. Other ministries and should have different coordination. It would be all the ministries have the AI ​​and IoT is not doing all departments require coordination and collaboration. That is the right budget. And to attach the adjustment authority and responsibility and budget rights. So it must be able to have jojeonggwon.

Another one of the leading ministries condition is that the agencies do not hover. If there are agencies lose their coordination. Profane words not to raise its young busy adjustment. Why can not the Ministry of Strategy and Finance coordination role, many are young. It shall provide also a way agencies in ministries in terms end. Cubs are not hovering institutions, should only adjustment.

Also, if you talk to the 4th Industrial Revolution it is very important to talk about the underlying science and technology but advanced ICT. Korea has yet to abandon the paradigm of science and technology wave industrialized society. Notice the direction of occupied formula, a formula to follow scientific and technological development, there is a problem yen.

Now the 4th Industrial Revolution era, we need to modify the strategy next time I m being developed. That is, we must specify that what we should be where. When I think about what we are going Where is accompanied by a viscosity that the future is uncertain. That there is no right answer. It must redefine the paradigm for a very serious problem.

We are writing to paste the R (research) and D (development) in R & D is different from a policy. Development index Notices occupied formula. To study and adopt such an approach. So it no autonomy of universities. Failure to do such research results in the short term will not come out of money. But now there must come out. At least government-funded institute should be given autonomy so that a certain portion of his budget to write.

that he should not take the agency when viewed from the realistic side. Is the story Malraux Hallway interests of ministries and agencies.

Agencies are also needed in some ways. It has two conditions. Ledger also give the same rights and responsibilities, budget, should be given autonomy invasion and organizational management. If every time you need something that allows the government departments do not have the meaning of agencies established The Institute is a professional group. Need to create an autonomous research collective system emerges meaningful results there.

University research is very important, should the unpopular university studies. So that the development of basic research and is able to leave the Nobel Prize in Korea.

He said he did not have a lot of employees and a few gardens in Seoul National University, and there is a department there. It is not that. It depends on the popularity of popularity, and in the rain. When I was a trier gun, Chemical Engineering Department was a non-life department. The name changed it differently, but it was popular later. I can not see it. Furthermore, the National University of National Taxes, does not work on the department of Non-Phil, and the diversity of the study should be breathing. The Ministry of Education is responsible for both elementary education and higher education, and if there is worried about this, it should be split.

In addition, university universities are falling. Several universities in Seoul have to be able to grow autonomously by volunteering because they will not receive government money. The intensification of interference is leveled. The equals are also important, but in the 4th Industrial Revolution period, you must also foster your university to survive in the National Revolution period. To do so, you have to give them autonomy. At the moment the autonomous moment, talent runs away. I am in the lab and think that I thought.

Currently, the priority of the communication policy is pushed to the broadcast. Science and Technology is being pushed into communication. Priority is related to industrialization in reality. What kind of view is made related to the broadcasting organization.

When I was a member of the Broadcasting Convergence, I thought it would be healthy to be able to put it in a matter of regulation and promotion. I would like to make a committee with a Mandatory Buddha feature to make a regulation and promotion role as one to one. However, a broadcasting telecommunication committee has been created by the main function of the Information Communications Department, and eventually decided to a regulatory mechanism.

I ve been through such a course, so I make a new organization with respect to ICT. The balance is likely to go to the center of heavenly regulation. I tried to fuse again, so I have not been able to try again.

Jeon He Yong said EU region, said the science and technology organization had to be resurrected as a vice president at all. Science and technology organizations have also made DPB, how do you see about science and technology organizations?

There was a vice president of science and technology. Later, it becomes faint and faint, and the budget right was absorbed on the base part. I think it is not that. You should now have a large reform to the ministry of the central budget. The central budget department has no reason to be so. It only specifies the budget per function in the department. Defense, and educational expenses, etc. Future-oriented parts are also specified so separately. Those budget, such as science and technology, should be the Buddha. That means.

Another important part of the science and technology industry is a talented property. If you try to be at the end of the middle and higher education, you will not be good at the end of the education policy. If you think there was no WAIST (WAIST), it is terrible. There is a Christ, so there is now that people are supplied. Science and Technology Policy I really hope that good people really have a good person to see in the staff, but I would like to make it right for the future of the country.

Talking about your appearance. There is currently what should be in the present situation and have to be improved.

The appearance is in a kind of vicious circle. The researcher should find the field of research to study on their own, and find the applicant. If the government needs it as a budget, the budget is good. Then, in other areas, the need for a new research is not the need to do a creative study.

A half is a governmental responsibility, and a half is responsible. The solution is the guarantee of the investigative autonomy. It is not too short to evaluate. Long-term has long breathing and goes to the developed country. In another aspect, it is fun to have duplicate research in advanced research systems. Korea is a great thing as a big thing. Even if it is an old researcher, it is now a new technique. Current institutions, the appearance, can be conducted on the fact that Either is passed, and it should not be a study in the field of autonomy.

Government organization modularization answer… The organization must exert adjustment function due to interpreting organization

How do you think about the reorganization of other Buddha.

I think that the fact that I think it is a problem in the reorganization of the government organization is unconditionally, and if the coordination is a good idea, the mistake and superstition are. So I also got a jerk. But it was not adjusted.

It looks small, only the big frame, and it seems to reduce the head. The Ministry of Land, Transport and Transportation is also combined with the mutual and transportation, and the industry and the industry is also combined with industry and energy, and one minister is impossible to take over the matter. The Ministry of Land, Transportation is not solving traffic problems if housing problems occur. If you have a problem with an element, the Minister of Spirit is not a different business.

So the function that can functionally popularly operates independently of the blue or headquarters, and must be adjusted to each other. It is necessary to stop putting all the ministers down one minister. So, in the National Assembly audit, I have to call a professional person, and the minister is called a person who does not know that I do not know. How do you study and answer. Japan seems to be doing this well. Like the army, the navy, there is a castle. It is called a minister. It looks good that it is a flexible, modular organization, communication between them and has adjusted function. So, the National Assembly is comfortable, and the minister is comfortable.

In the sense, the Buddha reorganization itself is negative. It is logical that people are important. How do I see about here?

Which organization, dust is stacked after years. The system is entropy. If you think so, the Roman Empire must be alive now. Why is the original road? Dust is piled up because it reduces utility. The rule of the limit product will result in the efficiency of time after years. It is the law because there is no exception. All the departments are. Five years ago, the Buddha, who had a good idea, should not continue to take the Buddha, and clean it regularly. That is government innovation.

In Korea, we have a chance to innovate the government once a five-year basis for a faster. The fun phenomenon is that when the president is in the same regime, cleaning is not cool. If the president comes out in another party, cleaning it hard. Of course, there is a prosperous point. In the same political party, if the next president, he can not see his hand on the reorganization of the organization. I was called soft reform, but I did not have a government reorganization when I went to President Row Moorhen in Kim Baeldung. President Row Moorhen said we said that we would have a soft reform. At the time of President Park Geun-hye, there was little tissue reorganization.

If the organizational reorganization, it is difficult to fundamentally resolve stacked dust. The way to solve the stacked dust is that eventually reforms the structure. It s a right to hand. Now the method is the principle that you have to go with permissions, responsibilities and budgets.

Last year, Corona 19 was afraid of the year. There are a lot of prospects that will not be able to go back to the past.

Since Corona, the world has changed completely. Even if the university only saw 100%, it could not claim only the lecture. People first scored the online lecture and the meeting, and they were adapted to have been in for a year. Zoom Now it s hard to get rid of the uninterruptible conference and meetings right now. All cultures change there. In the past industrial society, space was very important. Then, I gathered into the city, and a factory was formed near the city. In the future, the building is not a problem in the post corona. This is the same as college and businesses. I hope that each local government will think about how to use these spaces. I can not only be home, so the concepts such as remote office looks quietly.

Future-centric tissue is required.

It should be the center of the private committee, not the tube. It is a regulatory reform committee that it is wrong now that there is a good system. Kim Baeldung has reduced the IMF to be reduced by reducing the existing regulations in the government. But someday, it became a celebrity and was central. In the future, the committee should be a private center and must be unplugged with a decent person with a fee. The commissioners have not been able to pull out when the vs. Camp Camp, should not be taken, and they should be taken by examination. I think that I would like to create a strategic committee that collects the best people by real sector and that the organizations have dreamed of the future. Then I think I can do a lot of five years.

The presidential candidates were unusual. To advise you about the qualification of the twenties.

Likewise, you should be a person who can dream. However, there is a need to have a person who has both dreams and the ability to run. One person can not do it. You should also put a good person like a bookwork that you can do by the president. I have to take such a person to get to take it.

Excellence is not the principle of confrontation.

There are 20 to 80 laws. The top 20 says that the rest of the remaining 80, is the same in the university. Considering such aspects, it is necessary for excellence of talented talent. For example, when you are a vice-governor, you can use 80% of the top 20% of the papers. If the rest of the professors are the same as the same productivity, the player has escaped. It s okay if the person in the subordinate is running away. Rather, I ran away while blaming regulations. The same is true. Player management should be managed.

The ad senses must be greatly viable to players. The rest of the 80% corresponding professors can notify the paper, they may be able to conserve through a certain partial lecture, social service, and the like. Diversity should move university. It is evidence of excellence education to flow over the fifteen thesis. When you go to equal ism, you will attract average. All universities will not do that, but at least we will have to consider the disparity of the brain group that leads our country.

Now is the evaluation criteria all thesis. But the professor of the river should also be dedicated to the Professor. Professors to serve society should also have a score for him. Now I will be a uniformly papers.

Competition is inevitably inevitable in the capitalist society.

It is the feature of the information society. Knowledge, information, products and service life are greatly shortened. It is a unique community. So I do not have a lot of money in the first place since the second. A few winners and a number of losers are generated. In order to not become an inhuman society, the loser should be enriched, so that the ladder can be ridden.

These days, squid games are popular. There we have a point we learn. Those who participated in the squid game are losers in the competitive society. It gives the rose to the squid game, just another opportunity. However, the method is also a competitive manner. But in that way, the society should not be maintained. For example, if 456 people compete, one goal is one, only one winner, and the rest is now a loser. Then this society is healthy.

Then you can create multiple goals. If 100 people compete, if you make 100 goals, 100 people can be a winner. Then what is it? Everyone is self — object to think of each one. The goal should be comparable. For example, I should not compare the lawmakers and the National Assembly. Na Hung is the best as Na Hewn Ah. It should be impossible to compare.