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The bouncing game Guilty Gear Strive from Arc system Works has been released with a character-roster of 15 playable figures. Among them some well-known faces, like course Sol Bad guy, and a few newcomers like the vampire Samurai Nagoriyuki, which has been a pretty respectable fighter since the latest update. As is common in the genre now, more characters are added. With the Season Pass 1 it is a total of five pieces. The Minister of Defense Godless Dickinson and the well-known Jack-O were already published, now there is finally a trailer for the third and last DLC character that will appear this year.

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Happy Chaos is, so to speak, the antagonist of the plot from Guilty Gear Strive. The fighter will be released on November 30 for all Season Pass Owners, and on 3 December as an independent DLC. Shortly after the publication of Strives Datamyne already found a potential list of the five DLC characters, with the announcement of Happy Chaos this is also accurate.

According to Leak, the next two DLC characters are Asoka, better known as that Man, and Jam Kuradoberi. Both will only appear next year. This in turn means that u.a. The popular Aiken is not part of the first season pass, fans must probably fall back on elderly title — or to Samurai Showdown — to play them. Happy Chaos is an interesting character: his pistol is in the foreground in his Move set, where he must actually reload from the trailer. Make a picture best yourself.

Guilty Gear Strive is published on June 11 for PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In the test of Guilty Gear, the noble ruler of System Works was able to evaluate 82%.

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