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Star Wars: Obi-Wan Ken obi is an American mini-series in genuine views. She belongs to the world of legend Star Wars. The story happens ten years after the retribution of the Sith and 9 years prior to a new hope, as well as tells the adventures of Master Jedi Obi-Wan Ken obi in a galaxy directed with a tight hand by the Galactic Empire. The 6 episodes will be broadcast present 2022 on Disney +.

The Disney Plus Day was not only for the company around mouse and duck a reason to celebrate, but also for Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars fans around the world. Numerous announcements and trailers among the most diverse franchises sweetened the 12th of November and make curious about the future of the streaming provider.

Baymax, Ice Age and Zoo mania: The Announcements of Disney

For quantitatively, there were most announcements of course to in-house Disney series and films, even if you just before the Marvel area. So one applied one or the other new franchise, the predominant part, however, is based on already established brands.

For example, the popular and very caring robot Baymax gets a genuine series varnishes, which can stream her from summer 2022 on Disney Plus. With Ice Age: The adventure of Buck Wild is produced after now five films another spin-off and kiss the frog gets its own series with Diana, as well as Zoo mania with Zoo mania +.

Old and new superheroes as well as a lot of minor characters: the announcements of Marvel

Even in superheroes, fans keep fans with a number of announcements in the rod. While with Hawkeye, Spider-Man: Freshman Year and I am Groot many from the canvas famous heroes to the flickering home brings home, numerous more unknown characters celebrated the announcement of their own series.

Everything Disney Plus Day Revealed Trailers & First Looks (Spider-Man, Predator, Marvel & MORE)
Agatha: House of Harness, for example, reveals the same name-named antagonist in WandaVision, played by Kathryn Hahn, while Echo will deal with Maya Lopez, which must only be introduced in Hawkeye.

With the Holiday Special, the Guardians of the Galaxy also sweetened around Star lord Peter Quill ever Christmas. Below is the complete list of all announcements from Disney Plus Day and Release Application — if they were announced.

The complete list of all announcements:


Baymax! (Original series for the same name) (summer 2022)
Better Nate Than Ever (Spring 2022)
In the dozen cheaper (new edition) (March 2022)
Greg s diary: surrounded by idiots! (December 3, 2021)
Disenchanted (autumn 2022)
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Season 3)
Focus Focus 2 (Autumn 2022)
Ice Age — The Adventures of Buck Wild (January 28, 2022)
Pinocchio (Live Action New Films) (Autumn 2022)
Chip and Chap: The knights of the right (live action / animation film) (spring 2022)
The proud (February 2022)

Greg s diary 2: Are there any problems? (2022)
Sneakier (February 18, 2022)
The Spider wick Chronicles (live action series)
The Beatles: Get Back (November 25, 2021)
Diana (2023)
Zoo mania + (short series for the same name) (2022)
Entangled ways (available now)


Cars on the road (original series for CARS franchise) (2022)
Win or Lose (2023)
Documentation to Red and Light year (2022)


Hawkeye (24 November 2021)
Moon Knight (2022)
She-Hulk (2022)
Ms. Marvel (summer 2022)
Iron Heart
Agatha: House of Harness
Secret invasion
The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special
X-MEN 97
What if…? (Season 2)
Spider-Man: Freshman Year
I am Groot
Marvel Zombies

Star Wars and Lucasfilm:

Willow (2022)
Obi-Wan Ken obi (2022)
Under the helmet: The legacy of Bob fat (now available)

National Geographic:

WELCOME TO EARTH (8 December 2021)
America The Beautiful (2022)
Limitless with Chris Hemsworth (2022)

Disney Plus Star:

No exit (2022)
Prey (summer 2022)
Rosaline (2022)
The Princess (Summer 2022)

Source: Disney Plus on Twitter / Disney Central

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