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Patch 9.2 by World of Warcraft is closer than we all thought. Even today, Blizzard shows something new — and has already set out a first teaser.

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Although WORLD OF WARCRAFT has just received his patch 9.1.5, but that can not save the game single-handedly — that s the developers. Although there are many good adjustments in patch 9.1.5, but new content must come from, because most players have already seen everything the shadow lands have to offer. Blizzard, fortunately, brings fresh info and that already today.

What was announced? Tonight, on 11.11.2022 at 20:00 o clock the developers publish a preview video on patch 9.2. The video should be released on time on the YouTube channel of Warcraft.

Since it is probably only about an imagination video, no questions are answered there, but only a preview for the next major content patch.

Are there any indications? Yes. Together with the announcement, a short video snippet was also shown. There you can see different runes with geometric shapes. Unlike the runes of the rule, the blue lights, but this form are golden — i.e. possibly filled with the light.

Also, Steve Dan user, the story boss at World of Warcraft has given a slightly cryptic tweet and says there:

So a lot is waiting for the discovery in the geometry. So many truths are in their overlaps. The fractals.

This is a quote from a book that can find player in Nazareth. The book deals with the six cosmic powers of the universe and a possible seventh power that holds everything together somehow. It is therefore to be assumed that we learn more about this power in Patch 9.2 — and how Oval, the Chairman, wants to use it to achieve his goals.

If you want to experience first, what is in patch 9.2 thing, should show up today at 20:00 (via YouTube).

Incidentally, the community has already created a bullshit bingo, which is perfectly prepared for the imagination video:

When can you expect patch 9.2? Even if it seems unlikely that Blizzard already publishes a concrete release date for patch 9.2 tonight, you can already do some speculation.

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If the patch is announced today, the PTR probably goes online during this or at the latest next week. It usually takes about 3 months until the patch is complete and ready for the release. In the best case, a release of the patch could then be in mid-February 2022.

As soon as there is the information, we will report on Mango of course.