Pok mon Go Konter Guide for the bosses of Team Go Rocket

Update of November 10, 2021: To challenge Giovanni and his Crypto Lucia, you must in most cases only once Carlo, Sierra and Cliff show who is the best coach. We have the counter for the fights against the teams of the three Team Rocket bosses updated for you. It makes it seem as if Carlo time the hardest nut that holds it to crack because there are few synergies between the Sun, which he leads into battle, and those with whom you have the best answer to his pocket monsters. The currently the best counter be found below.

It is so far: Team Rocket GO has returned and is on the point one to take over the world of Pokémon and for all. The task of the coach now is to stop the villains in the execution of their plan. For this they have to assemble at a special quest chain a special radar and track the leader of Team Rocket GO and defeat in battle.

So you can move with maximum chances of success in the battle against Team Rocket GO, we have compiled the best current counter for all three boss battles for you. You will also find in our guide alternative counter-Pokémon for each Rocket Pokémon.

Pokémon GO: GO Team Rocket — General Tips

Before ye rushed into the fight against the three Rocket team leader, the following guidelines in mind:

Your first have to assemble, to be able to locate the team leader the radar. Activated her radar, shows up a customized map the way to the nearest point to the team leader.
The radar is considered to be consumed as soon as you have the Boss defeated.
You can team GO Rocket only from 6:00 am to 22:00 challenge fighting.
The struggles against the team leader similar to those against the normal villains, but the team leader in the fight using shields.

How to Find and Beat Giovanni (Team GO Rocket Boss) Pokemon GO
The Pokémon the team leader that you catch and release can, have a low chance of Shiny version.
To destroy Try the shields of the coach as soon as possible and use your first Pokémon directly for it.
Preferred Pokémon that fast attacks resist against Pokémon handing out a lot of damage.
Uses shields against charging attacks.
You can keep repeating to beat a team leader as you want — until you have defeated him. The balloon, however, you have limited attempts.

Pokémon GO: GO Team Rocket — Boss fight against Cliff

Pokémon GO: The best counterattack against the bosses of Team Rocket GO (Guide) (3) Source: Ni antic Cliff works with the following Pokémon attack

Pokémon 1: Always Primer
Pokémon 2: Venus, Croat or Mach amp
Pokémon 3: Traitor, Harvard or Armani

No matter which team opposes you, Cliff, do you get along with the following break. Remember that you can repeat the battle, if you lose. Inasmuch as you can check out first look at what Pokémon Cliff sends into battle, and then you adjust.

Primer: Accesses Mew two (confusion, psychological shock) or Hyperion (Mud-Slap, rock throwers, Surfer) and shoots Primer one.
Venus: Mew two (confusion, psychological shock) is your first choice, but they also drive Lucia (Drachenrute, Sky Attack, air blast) and Molters (Fire vortex, Sky Attack, heat Killer) for this encounter — and more.
Croat: Traitor (catapult stone edge) is the fighter of your first choice because it beats extremely well. Similarly powerful is Ramparts (catapult Rock Slide).
Mach amp: Did your Mew two (confusion, psychological shock) nor breath? Then it uses now. Alternatively, are suitable Molters (wings, Sky Attack) and Hoop (confusion, psychokinesis).
Traitor: This Pokémon her beaten at best with Lucio (counter, increasing stroke, Aura Sphere) or Mascagni (lock, Mighty Blow).
Harvard: We have you Ramparts (catapult Rock Slide) already recommended and can do the same as a counter against Harvard. An alternative is Hyperion (catapult rock thrower) and Terrain (catapult Rock Slide).
Armani: Both Ky ogre (cascade surfers) and Traitor (catapult stone edge) and Terrain (catapult Rock Slide) are a good choice.

Pokémon GO: GO Team Rocket — Boss fight against Carlo

Pokémon GO: The best counterattack against the bosses of Team Rocket GO (Guide) (2) Source: Ni antic Carlo can draw the following Pokémon into battle:

Pokémon 1: Always Guitar
Pokémon 2: Mawile, Laps or Willie
Pokémon 3: Sailor, Normal or Gardener

The following counter help you guaranteed, no matter from which Pokémon is Carlos team. Remember that you can repeat the battle, if you lose. Inasmuch as you can check out first look at what Pokémon Carlo sends into battle, and then you adjust.

Shortly: grabs to ice-pokémon. Problem at this point: none of them will help you in the further course of the fighting rounds great. So look at that as well as shields from Carlo as possible. Uses about Samuel (powder snow, avalanche) or Gladiola (ice cream, avalanche).
Funkier: In the best case, you use for this conflict Ho-Oh (scorching, earthquake), because the pocket monster can still be useful in the further course. Alternatives are thornier (clay clamp, boulders, surfers) and DEI ( Fire of fire, nitro charge).
Laps: This pocket monster is a lot. Throws Lancelot (counter, melee), Zero (charging beam, electric shock) or VOLTAGES (incarnation form with thunder shock and thunder).
Willie: against Willie can also be used Ho-Oh (criminal, earthquake). In this round and against potentially the following opponents can also help you Mel metal (Thunder shock, Kraftkoloss, Stengel).
Relax: The foul fur beat her with fight Pokémon. Haryana (counter, melee) and Mahomes (counter, cross hob) are your first choice.
Scherzo: The beetle can not stand fire at all. That s why you first give him with YESHIVA (Fire tooth, heat collector), Lava dos (Fire of fire, heat collector, firestorm) or Look (fire whirl, fire sweep, Lohekanonade).
Guarder: Fire is a probate remedy against Guarder. Uses about Heat ran (Fire of fire, flame throw, iron skulls). Alternatively, you still pack Mel metal (Thunder shock, Kraftkoloss, Stengel) or chooses Metagross (Cartridge Washer, Star History).

Pokémon Go: Team Go Rocket — Boss fight against Sierra

Pokémon Go: The best counterattack against the bosses of Team Go Rocket (Guide) (1) Source: Ni antic Sierra can have the following Pokémon in the team:

Pokémon 1: Always Iran (Female)
Pokémon 2: LIBOR, Rifler or Lamps
Pokémon 3: Hun demon, Knoema or Nidoqueen

To pass against Sierra, you set the following counterattack. Remember that you can repeat the fight if you lose. In this respect you can first see you, which Pokémon Sierra sends in the fight and then stop it.

Iran (W): Access to Soil or Dragon Pokémon. In particular, Knapsack (Clay shank, Sand grab, Footfall) are worthwhile, thornier (clay clamp, surfers, boulders) and Grades (Feuerodem, Hatchway, Kirsches). The reason: Each of them also works well in the following battle trails — depending on course, which Pokémon Sierra has packed in her team.
LIBOR: If you may have already used Plural (Fire of Fire, Lohekanonade, Dragon Claw) already at Iran, then it uses LIBOR. Otherwise, Thornier (clay clamp, surfer, Berger) is well-used.
RIFLER: RIFLER Falls a bit out of the row, because against that rather on Moot (psychobling, psychosis, ice beam) or Diana (Feuerodem, Eisenzädel, Draco Meteor).
Lamps: Diana (Feuerodem, Eisenschäuden, Draco Meteor) is also a patent counterattack against Lamps. Alternatively, you can also take Dragon (Feuerodem, Hurricane, Dragon Claw) or Vestal (Standpipe, Finsteraura, Focus Cart).
Dog Mon: Against Solomon you attract the battle with fight Pokémon; Mahomes (counter, cross hob, stone hail) and Master (counter, wuchshlag, stone edge) push on. But you still have your thornier from Iran and LIBOR, then that uses!
Knoema: Here you can use again Grades (Feuerodem, Warwick, Kirsches). Or you use Ky ogre (cascade, surfer)
NidoQueen: The above-mentioned Ankara K (clay shot, earth forces, sand degree) is fully reached by the train, but can also be replaced by Ky ogre or Moot.

Of course, there is not a team combo with which your Sierra defeats 100 percent in the first start. For this you have to know what Pokémon she sends in the fight. But you can put together a team consisting of Knapsack, Vestal and Grades or Thornier, Diana and Ky ogre.

We hope that our guide in the fighting against Team Go Rocket helps to success. Do you have more tips? Let s know us in the comments! We will update our guide accordingly and paste your tips later.

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