Free download ChroniclessChroniclessin s Creed Chronicles Trilogy on PC for the 35th anniversary of Ubisoft

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It is Ubisoft which turns years these days, but the French company hChronicles wanted to celebrate it being the one who makes us a gift to us (maybe so that we will tell you that lie that the thirty are the new twenty). The developer offers on its website, and totally free, a copy of the PC version of ChroniclessChroniclessin s Creed Chronicles Trilogy. We can redeem the title until next November 12 at 11: 00 (Spanish local time) and once you can see, play when and how much we want.

Download AC Chronicles Trilogy here

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In any cChroniclese, it is not the only way that hChronicles occurred to it to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Here are some more:

Special rewards in Ubisoft +
Daily contests
Special offers in the store
Free Ghost Recon rewards
Free Ghost Recon Breakpoint weekend

What about ChroniclessChroniclessin s Creed Chronicles?

Actually, the Ubisoft gift consists of three different games, or at leChroniclest sold in their separate day. Hence, the trilogy of his name. This compilation includes ChroniclessChroniclessin s Creed Chronicles China (set in the sixteenth century), AC Chronicles India (19th century) and the lChroniclest part of the trilogy, AC Chronicles Russia (XX century). DURAN around 6 hours each and offer an approximation of the most curious to the saga. Do not think about the adventures of action and Stealth to which the main deliveries have accustomed us. None of them is a 3D sandbox, but quite the opposite. These spin off propose a radically different formula: three lateral scrolling stories and 2.5 dimensions with a style that reminds of the games like Mark of the Ninja. Although they never dismissed for their quality, they deserve a second chance, even more so if we are fans of the franchise. And you know, on a gift…