Corona violations NFL

Aaron Charles Rodgers (birthed December 2, 1983, in Chico, The Golden State) is a US Football player on the placement of quarterback. He bets the Green Bay Packers in the National Football League (NFL) with which he won the Super Dish ALV as well as was chosen to Super Dish MVP. He got the nickname A-Rod from his teammates.

Star quarterback Aaron Rodgers from the US football league NFL has been proven according to media reports for violations of the Corona protocol with a mild fine.

The professional of the Green Bay Packers must therefore pay $14,650 (just under 12,700 euros). Among other things, the unvaccinated Rodgers had not supported a mask frequently in press conferences. In addition, his visit to the Halloween celebration of the club was not reported to the league.

In addition to Rodgers, the unvaccinated receiver also collected all Hazard a penance at the same height. The Packers, as a team responsible for compliance with the rules, have to pay $300,000 (just under 260,000 euros). We respect the findings of the league and know how important compliance with COVID-19 protocols is for the safety and health of our team and our organization, said Packers President Mark Murphy at ESPN.

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Rodgers had been positively tested on the coronavirus at the beginning of last week. Subsequently, it became known that the MVP of the preseason was not vaccinated. The quarterback was then strongly advised to criticize, since Rodgers had told the question of his vaccine status in August, he was immunized.