Wow Patch 9 1 5 These are the undocumented changes

Every time a new WoW patch appears, there are changes that do not appear in the official patch notes. The update 9.1.5 forms no exception. Among other things, developers have made various adjustments to quest names as part of the Blizzard internal sexism scandal. There are also a few changes to the interface and individual animations. We have prepared for you a list of the undocumented changes of Patch 9.1.5, which we will update if necessary.

Adjustments by patch 9.1.5 — no word about it in the patch notes


The holiday mount big love rocket (love lies in the air) is now called Breakout X-45.
Heroic: Twin contains is now called Heroic: Twin Musicians (also the boss-encounter was adjusted accordingly).
Some successes have new names only in the English language version.


The animation of the Paladin ability divine storm looks slightly different from before.
The jump animation of programs was slowed down.
The yak soul-shaped has a different jump animation than before.
The jump animation of the upgrade at trolls has received an update.


FPS problems with the Glutton event were fixed.


The limitations for conversion points were apparently removed (not yet officially confirmed).


The developers have adapted various items that previously included the name Mac Are.

Sneaky Undocumented Changes in 9.1.5 & Patch 9.2 PTR Coming Very Soon | WoW Weekly News
Wires Third Leg is now called lamp of the South Ava semen.
D ring is now called Souvenir the K3 Expedition.
All allusions named Finale were replaced by the name PIP.
The icon of the big love rocket was replaced.
A number of items have new names only in the English language version.
New Space Cards for all continents have been added.
Space Cards Now free all flight paths of a zone and reveal the entire zone (you will also receive the associated exploration succession).
Wild Seats are now stackable up to 200 units (previously 20).


The developers have adapted the names for various opponents to remove words like Concubine and Mattress.
Some opponents have received male equivalents.

NPCs (dealer)

The developers have adapted a variety of NPC names to remove sexual allusions.
Allusions to George Corps growers Fisher, Finale and McCrae were removed.
The developers have adapted some NPC dialogues, including those of pharmacist Lyon, Devious, Bhatpara and Nat Page in the priority of hill country.


Herbs are now obviously disappearing after a click instead of several clicks and stay after the first collecting exist.


The developers have renamed various quests to remove sexual allusions.


There is now outside the wing room of Toughest a box of countless things.
If you finish a Toughest run, she lands back in front of the portal of the respective wing.
The Soul smith Wing has a new layout.
The Prius has received a new dialogue line in Toughest.

World environment

Mac Are is now called Breath. All quests, items and successes were adjusted accordingly.

User Interface

The developers have a variety of jokes away with sexual allusions.
The Parthia portal in Tribes now has an icon on the map.
Player with In game Post will receive the post icon displayed in the character selection screen.
The icons for gold, silver and copper now correspond to the icons newly added with patch 9.1.

You know changes that are not included in this list, and which do not appear in the official patch notes? Write us in the comments so that we update our list accordingly!

Source : Icy Veins

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