Denuvo error provoked several games on PC will not work

DENUDE, an effective Antioch tool for PC, was also the cause that about 10 games will not work last weekend. Specifically, it was this Sunday, November 7 when a lot of users reported that many of their titles were not even charging, and it seems that it was called this controversial system.

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These users reported that they found the following message when trying to open certain games:

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Can not connect to the server, check your Internet connection and click Retry.

But what games are we talking about? Well, we have things like Yakuza: Like a dragon, Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy, Mortal Kombat 11, Wallenstein: Young blood, person 4 Golden and more. As you can see, the vast majority of these titles are Single-Player, so it was truly frustrating for players, I can not even open them.

A spokesman of DENUDE stated the following for the portal PC Gamer:

A domain of Denude was inaccessible yesterday afternoon. The problem was solved after we will notify us from our automatic system control. After correction, there was no restriction or limitation for players. Denude works to implement additional improvements to avoid such a time of inactivity in the future.

This would not be the first time DENUDE has presented problems, as told at the beginning of the note, users report that this type of technology drastically affects some games where it would seem that it is not even necessary to have it activated.

Editor s note: Although there is no doubt that the PC is one of the best platforms where to play, it is also where we found a lot of problems in gaming. Many games do not always get optimized for this platform, and even if you have a machine capable of running them, sometimes it s all a headache having to make the corresponding settings.