WOW Patch 9 2 stands first clues have already been discovered

The next patch world of Warcraft is closer than we thought. First info on patch 9.2 have already been found.

HOW Patch 9.2 Will Change World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, the patch 9.1.5 has just been published, which brought numerous improvements to the gameplay. But really many new contents did not have the update, which is why many players already greedy on the patch 9.2 squint.

The assumption was suggested that first signs of the patch are still far away. Now, however, there are good news: First signs of the patch have already been discovered!

What has been discovered? On the Content Delivery Network (CDN) of Blizzard already the first encrypted files are incremented. The information was updated and upgraded by patch 9.1.5 on patch 9.2. This is a first indication that the patch in its first version should soon open up the PTR.

When will Patch 9.2? To predict a reliable release date, it is still too early. However, if you consider that big patches are likely to be tested between 2 and 3 months, you should expect a release at the earliest February 2022. In the worst case, it could also be probably March or April 2022 — depending on how well the development goes.

As long as the WOW players would have to do so with the current content. While there is a whole range of smaller content that is still pending, such as the time immigration: Legion with the ministry tower, the birthday event of WOW and also the winter hood — but this is not a really fresh content and should not last long.

There is still something to patch 9.2? This is a good question. As a rule, there is a WOW extension from 3 larger patches. However, the many shifts could have led that the developers simply delete the patch 9.3 or integrate parts thereof into the update 9.2. Then Shadow lands would come to a degree faster — similarly, as it was already the case with Warlords of Drano.

At that time, the superintend end was criticized very much, but ultimately led to the very popular enlargement Legion. Whether wow this feat will succeed or hold on to the plans for patch 9.3, we will probably also experience in the next few months.

Because the Game Director Ion Hazzikostas has promised that we will learn more about the conclusion of Shadow lands in not so far future.

Are you looking forward to patch 9.2 and are looking forward to the story? Or just hopes that Shadow lands will finally find an end?