WOW New motivation thanks to patch 9 1 5 Not really rather the opposite

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Over four months have now gone by that patch came on the live server WoW 9.1 and the player has drawn rows in the new area Korthia and the new raid, the Sanctum of the rule. After the slow start the motivation of many players back then was high and so special, the new area was very busy. in the guilds were seen returning many players and there was plenty to do.

Four months later, the picture is quite different. Korthia and Grind needed have left their mark. Some gave up in frustration, others were eventually simply done and so there was no reason to travel to the East of the gullet. Even the Sanctum raid has become a bit tiring largely. The bosses in it are not bad, but no highlights, on which you week after week again pleased. It attracted a great boredom WoW. But then, yes, yes Patch 9.1.5 was announced at last that everything should make amends. But what happens, you would actually can also think before.

Motivation hole

For instead of the players return the motivation replied 9.1.5 any Spielambition the death blow. The relief for Twinks and laggards, the simplifications in Korthia and the many quality-of-life changes are all good and necessary, but they just seem like a slap in the face. Because for many players probably the same applies as for the writer of these lines: Of all the changes currently benefiting hardly anyone.

All the things that were now so much easier, have done a lot of players for a long time. The past few weeks were just not blessed with tons of new content and so many have already leveled up their alts and equipped. Have Korthia already completely ausgenudelt and repeatedly played any pact campaigns.

So for them 9.1.5 brings Patch de facto zero content in any manner. Instead, they are shown: Hey, if you had not played your favorite game in recent months, we would have here full of great things for you! – it is so rather punished than rewarded, that WoW (buy now 14,99 €) loyalty has kept. This feels not good. The Sanctum of the rule is not a bad raid, but no outstanding. Source: Blizzard

Always keep waiting

In addition, Patch 9.1.5 recalls the fact that patch 9.2 just a few months will be long in coming. After weeks and months without any special new content we know that the wait is still ongoing, many more months. No wonder that not only in our guild players in rows in a WoW break go. The consequence of this? Raids are canceled, M + groups break apart and keep playing the motivation decreases in who remained visibly. I m pretty sure, even if I naturally no concrete figures that is the case not only in my filter bubble.

WoW Patch 9.1.5 thus has exactly done the opposite of what should be so actually causes -. At least in my world

But, but, but… there are new content!

In the form of the Legion-time hike sweep both the mage tower and the Mythical Plus dungeon from the popular back extension. Well, what can we say. The content is limited to two weeks and it s just… no new content. What we get is a dusted version of a challenge that many have made by us many years ago extensively with various characters. Due to the restrictions on Covenant skills Legendarys and the like also changes nothing of it – no new gameplay, not a new feeling.

And the M + -Dungeons? Which could actually be fun one or the other. Not for me. For one, I ve been playing extremely extensively in Legion. The system was new and did a lot of fun. Secondly, the dungeons are compared with the following in my eyes rather poor. You just realized that Blizzard then only after the mythical Plus system first developed the Dungeons and. And again: There are two! Content weeks for the remaining patch.

Smaller patches?

How to solve this problem in the future, about the developers break for a long time the head. Smaller, but more frequent patches would be an approach that is often heard and could work. What good is it to me that patch 9.1 is the most comprehensive patch for many, many years (quote the developer), if you then have to wait many months?

Maybe the WoW of today is just no longer the game that you can play over months and years every day. The times change – and with them the players and games. If one plays rarer, the content remains fresh longer. However, WOW itself is very competitive in the PVE. I do not play for three weeks, then in doubt, not only my Raidplatz is gone, but I will no longer be taken in dungeon or PVP groups due to missing XY fantasy-something. Of course, does not have to be like that, but many players still happen. And I do not even take the popular 13 € joker at the point.

Patch 9.1.5 GUIDE: All You Need To Know
The flame blazes

With all the negativity, the flame for WOW blends but further in me – and in very many other players of my filter bubble too. Therefore, I see black for the remaining patch 9.1.5, but not for the rest of the extension or even new extensions. Everything that needs it is a little bit of the fire and the flame burns bright again. This can be a cool new system in the upcoming patch or a new RAID full of horny bosses.

Or they cancel directly a new extension – with long-stretched features such as picking up the fraction boundaries or reasonable housing. That would be less tinder, than more a bucket of gas for my fire. Wow will live long and my motivation will come for a long time and go.

How is you with you – have patch 9.1.5 also a blow offset or have the adjustments to increase your motivation for Shadowlands?

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