BVB vs Ajax Press One of the worst decisions of all time

Borussia Dortmund has to shake the progress in the Champions League. On Wednesday evening, the BVB lost 1: 3 in the home game against Ajax Amsterdam and run in Group C now behind the Dutch with Hummelsing Lisbon. Especially the point reference against Dortmund s defensive chief Mats Hummels caused excitement. Even in the international media, the scene is hotly discussed. The press reviews to the game:


Kicker: Hummels flies too wrong – then the BVB will escape the game. Borussia Dortmund pulled the shorter at the second comparison with Ajax Amsterdam the shorter. On Wednesday evening, the BVB lost the Dutch despite a lead 1: 3 – not least because referee Michael Oliver A dug scene failed after just half an hour wrong.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Dammbruch in minute 29. Dortmund still loses in the first half inner-defending Mats Hummels through a controversial red card. The Borussia then experiences a 1: 3 against Ajax – the eighth final device in acute danger.

Frankfurter Allgemeine: After the Schmach in the first leg, Dortmund opposes Ajax on Revanche. But the controversial red card for Hummels throws everything over the pile. Long the BVB still leads, then the game tilts.

RTL.de: Later BVB-Ko to Gaga-red. Borussia Dortmund has missed the revenge and has to tremble the eighth place in the Champions League. The BVB also lost the second leg against Ajax Amsterdam with 1: 3. The Dortmund gave a guided tour (Penalmeter by Marco Reus) from the hand, but had to play at night after half an hour. The extremely controversial point reference against Mats Hummels caused proper conversation. Ajax-Knipser Sebastien Haller scored the leadership for the Dutcher in the 83rd minute. Davy Classes made the lid in the reflection time.

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Mats Hummels red-card in Borussia Dortmund clash with Ajax ‘one of the worst decisions' in football

NTV: Hummel s rages to red over the Shiri. Referee Michael Oliver plays an inglorious major role in the game between Borussia Dortmund and Ajax Amsterdam. Early he sends Mats Hummels with red from the square. Black yellow still leads to the lead, but Ajax strikes late and sustainable return.

Ruhr news: Enormous BVB effort remains unpertruses – and suddenly the Europa League threatens. Borussia Dortmund defends itself in amendment against Ajax Amsterdam. All the greater the frustration after the 1: 3. Now the BVB in the Champions League threaten two final games


DE TELEGRAAF: What a success: Thanks to the historical win over Dortmund, Ajax is already in the second round of the Champions League.

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NOS: Ajax also triumphs in Dortmund and reaches the second round of the Champions League.

DE Volkskrant: Ajax after fourth victory in a row in the Champions League eighth place: It was like a fair in Dortmund with flashing lights and all sorts of attractions. Ajax proved a tactically strong performance that you can also win in the Champions League.


The Sun: Big mistake : Premier League referee Michael Oliver sends Dortmund s Mats Hummels with one of the worst decisions of all time from the place.

BBC: Ajax fights the victory against ten Dortmund and reached the secondary finale with a perfect balance.

The Guardian: Ajax comes back and conquers ten Dortmund 3: 1 in the Champions League Group C and reaches the K.O.-Phase.


AS: Dortmund crumbles without Haaland: the German team, which was long in the lead, lost with 1: 3 against Ajax. Roses men have a hard time to come into the second round.

Marca: Haller gives Ajax the victory and the move to the second round of the two of Dortmund.