Valorant reveals update patch notes 3 09

Valorant s The last update was detailed this week with the disclosure of patch notes for patch 3.09. This same update comes with the start of the new battle pass of the act III, as well as an update of the competitive scene of the game. Normally it would also be accompanied by the launch of a new agent, but like Riot Games and the Valorant Equipment previously, we will have to wait a little longer until that new character is launched.

Patch notes for the latest valorant Update centered on two main components: the classic weapon and the fracture map. Both parts of the game occupied most patch notes, but some other changes were also observed, as well as some adjustments focused on electronic sports.

Classic right-click settings and some Fracture updates are here to accompany the start of Valorant Act III. Read those and more in the patch notes 3.09: https://t.co/lx7kslw3jl pic.twitter.com/3fhclisduj

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Full patch notes for Valorant s Update 3.09, which includes some context about the prescribed changes for the Classic, can be seen below.

Weapons updates

Classical (right click)

NEW UPDATE: Classic NERFS + MAP CHANGES & More! - Valorant Patch 3.09
The Classic has had superior performance in meetings close to mid-range when used while skipping or moving, the developer told the Classic changes. «So we have reduced the effective accuracy of the weapon by jumping, running and walking, with the intention of reducing your case of ideal use at really short distances».

The trigger error when walking changed.05 >>>.6 (The total error is 2.5 when walking, instead of 1.95)
Execution shooting error changed.2 >>> 1.3 (the total error is 3.2 when running, from 2.1)
The shooting error when jumping changed from 1.1 >>> 2.1 (the total error is 4.0 when jumping, instead of 3.0)

Map Updates


Attacker B Arcade barrier moves towards Attacker Side Bridge, to allow defenders to play the area more easily.
The barrier of the defender in Rope moved to the top of the ropes to facilitate the preparation of the Sentinels.
A Hall orb changed to a more neutral space, making it less favorable for attackers.
A new coverage piece was added in the attacker s engender to break the long line of view from the entrance of the room to B Main, which should alleviate some pressure from the attackers when defenders flank quickly.

Game systems updates

Softest strings / tirolines
The movement of nervousness that could happen when stopping or changing direction in a zipper or rope was corrected. This was more noticeable when it moved repeatedly a small amount and stopped.

ESPORTS functions

Observers who use Gamepad drivers are no longer blocked off the X / and when accelerating with the right bumper (R1).
FREE CAM Observers Rejoice!
Observers now have the option of establishing the laterality of the equipment.
When this option is activated, the observers will see players who start the game at the attacker as skilled, and players who start the game in the defender will be left-handed.


A route for all traffic to play servers
For those of you who are particular to a preferred server, you may notice that a previously preferred location is no longer there. Do not worry, we simply consolidate what two routes were to the game servers in one, we do not eliminate any server.



An error was corrected that caused the default actuation logo to be displayed on the unorted game load screens.


Cypher can no longer place Spycam on the Breeze door to destroy or see through the door when it is lowered.
Similarly, random points were corrected where Cypher could not place Spycam in the same area.

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The error that incorrectly showed the 1P upstream images of Jett was corrected.