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With all the changes that patch 9.1.5 from Wow Shadowlands brings with it, you can quickly lose the overview. We have summarized the 40 most important adjustments for you. Who wants to know more about the individual changes, click on the appropriate links. Here we go.

1. Free packing change from glory 80

Wow: 40 Changes in Patch 9.1.5 (1) Source: pact
Who reaches glory 80, can change the pact with its character at any time without having to fear the punishment quests if he returns to its original pact. So far there was a two-week lock between PAGTwechsel.

2 . Solo island expeditions

Wow: 40 Changes in Patch 9.1.5 (2) Source: pact

EVERY Important Change in Patch 9.1.5
Instead of using two other players, you can now also sign up alone for island expeditions and such your collection of pets, toys and arms sets as well as mounts as well as mounts. Solo island expeditions are also another way to bring the character of level 50 to 60. The resulting experience is the same in all levels of difficulty (so mythically not more than normal mode) and you do not receive XP with a level 60 character in the group.

3 . 5 Player War Fronts

In order to be able to secure you not only the rewards of the island expeditions, but also the war fronts subsequently, for the registration to the dark coastal front and battle for electricity guard only at least five instead of before 15 players are needed. Due to the long running paths, it is nevertheless sent when you log in with as many players as possible. This allows you to complete your warfront transmog and solder the successes, even without having to organize a small raid. Especially record carriers on Allianz page we recommend gathering the chic set.

4 . AOE cap is (partially) removed

Wow: 40 Changes in Patch 9.1.5 (3) Source: pact
Flat attacks that have so far only made a certain number of angels, have more objectives. However, as with whirlwind, more than five opponents are hit, the damage to the fourth, fifth and all other achieved goals decreases significantly. In the current content, this change is only limited in weight, for legacy raids, farm runs are likely to be faster with some classes.

5 . Legion time migration

Probably the greatest feature of the patch are the Legion time migrations, which can also be played in mythical mode. A key stone for the six selected dungeons you receive automatically. In the dungeons you have to deal with the new AFFIX hellish, from which from certain percentage points of Trash show additional Legion miniboses. This also returns the magic tower challenges.

As a reward, the weapon transmogs of then, but Animal 20 recolor sets wave. Anyone who masters all seven challenges will receive the special Mount Sailing Spell Foil – a flying book band on which your character stands. For once, Druiden get the chance to earn the special advertising form in a green Legion variant (see page 14 above). Transmog collectors also get the opportunity to buy special nightborn transmog weapons and shields against time immigration dealers.

6 . Even more time immigration dungeons

WOW: 40 Changes in Patch 9.1.5 (4) Source: pact
Not only Legion time migrations are implemented, but also already existing Timewalking events are extended to previously unused dungeons. For burning crusade time migrations, the deep sump, the botanika and the blood boiler are added. The Wrath of the-Lich-King-Dungeons are extended to Castle Utgarden, Azjol-Nerub and the Soulsmiths. The instance pool for Cataclysm, Wod and MOP is supplemented by one instance: black ripen caves, grimmstretch depot and Scholomance.

7 . More legendary templates

The frequency, with which the recipes for the rune carving in dungeons are dropped, is increased to 100 percent for all levels of difficulty. For example, if your template is dropped in the Raid Schloss Nathria and does not form a LFR group, you still have the opportunity to buy random legendary templates at Roh-Suir in Korthia.

8th. Legendary

If you have decided for the wrong legendary or since patch 9.1 squatted on a legendary, which you have not used it for an eternity, you can scrap it. You will receive 100 percent of the resources invested (soul glow and soul ash) and can forge a new legendary item directly. However, you have to acquire the blank and the values ​​roles, as they are not spitted in recycling.

9 . Send anima to twinks

In Oribos, you will find a new servant in addition to the air champion at the upper level (coordinates 60/71). This dealer offers you an account-linked Anima package for 1,000 Anima, with which your 1,000 anima can send to any character. The same dealer now also offers random 210er equipment from the mythical Shadowlands dungeons. The prerequisite for these new arms tokens is a mythical-plus rating of 1,500.

10 . Immediately on glory 40

Wow: 40 Changes in Patch 9.1.5 (5) Source: pact
Said dealer of point 9 holds another interesting subject, which finds a separate mention because it brings with the account-bound item in the middle of the award the glory level of a character directly to 40. Cost of: 500 gold. However, you can first purchase this item if you have brought a character for glory 80. This is not only awesome for twinks, but also saves time if you have changed the pact with the main character.

11 . With twinks, the pact campaign no longer needs to be repeated

Wow: 40 Changes in Patch 9.1.5 (6) Source: pact
Anyone who has already played with a different character campaign of a pact does not have to repeat them again. In your pact you will be asked if you want to experience the story again. Before you spontaneously click on the dialogue for This story I already click, it was said that the campaign grants proper glamor levels. So it thinks you and abolish what your play style is the best choice.

12 . Medieval energy is completely removed

In order to make the pact life even easier, is taken the median energy right completely from the game. From now on, you can change as often as you want to change the media and prepare your character for special dungeon or RAID challenges optimally.

13 . New Shadowlands Level experience

Wow: 40 Changes in Patch 9.1.5 (7) Source: pact
The threads of destiny are expanded. In the future, besides the free zone choice, you will receive the options via slaughter fields and Torghast. This gives you the opportunity to collect soul ash and honor, soul glow and conquest points can not earn during the level phase. During the level phase, you may also collect directly glory levels, for example about the conclusion of bonus goals. Players who have already unlocked glory 80 or the direct enhancement on glory 40 is likely to be tangled.

14 . Upgrade to level 60

Wow: 40 Changes in Patch 9.1.5 (8) Source: pact
For your heirlooms in Eisenschmiede or Orgrimmar, you can now upgrade your heirlooms at level 60. The upper limit so far at 50. The prices, however, have it: weapons upgrades cost 18,000 gold, all other slot each 12,500.

15 . Enter the introduction to the Schlund

Wow: 40 Changes in Patch 9.1.5 (9) Source: pact
Finally, after almost a year, the technology is there! Anyone who assumes the quest An icy summons in the capital of his group can now be the option I already know this story, send me directly to Oribos. The Schlund is skipped with it and you can travel directly to the rest of Shadowlands zones. Who is not completely bored of this scenario, should it be superior. Because the schlund is played in under half an hour and grants you with recreation bonus the first level ride.

16 . PVP items low level are upgraded in PVP situations

Wow: 40 Changes in Patch 9.1.5 (10) Source: pact
The scissors between rated and unpolished PVP-Gear is no longer so far on as before. This will have beginners better opportunities. Below you can see which item level PVP equipment from what rating. Rating

New rating | Various PVP title | Item Level PvE | ILVL in the PVP
— | — | — |-
| Rank 1 Unbranked | 220 | 233
1000 | Rank 2 Combatant I | 226 | 239
1200 | Rank 3 Combatant II | 229 | 242
1400 | Rank 4 Challenger I | 233 | 246
1600 | Rank 5 Challenger II | 236 | 249
1800 | Rank 6 Rival I | 239 | 252
1950 | Rank 7 Rival II | 242 | 255
2100 | Rank 8 duelist | 246 | 259
2400 | Rank 9 Elite | 249 | 259

17 . Adjustments for talents, skills, media and legendary affixes

With Patch 9.1.5, everything is placed on the test for the classes. Well, at least minor. The complete metagame is probably not thrown over the pile, but especially not used talents are in the foreground. At the current state of PTR, we would not yet put our hand for noticeable changes to Legendary s and pact abilities, both of which would no longer be a leg break thanks to the changes to more soul glow and the free pact.

18 . Allied peoples without a dungeon prerequisite

Anyone who wanted to unlock the Mechagnome as an allied people as an allied people needed, among other things, the success The Mechagonian Threat for which one had to successfully complete the Dungeon Operation Mechagon. That was not that easy depending on the equipment, because mythical BFA dungeons are still quite challenging. Therefore, the dungeon requirement is deleted from meta success for all allied peoples.

19 . New travel forms for Druids

Wow: 40 Changes in Patch 9.1.5 (11) Source: pact
With the patch, Druids get predominantly through glyphs access to new flight and normal travel gyms. Dark Pirschendermaus, Majestic Feder s mouse, dusk swing, shimmering arden moth, zobelschwick Ardenmotte, midnight roll hirsch and twilight trees deer. For the majestic Feddermaus you only have to hust up bats in the northeast of Revendreth, the deer farms her in Runenhirschen in the Ardenwald. All other shapes, as I said, turns off glyphs free for whose production inscription-Kundige Shadowlands craft 100 must have achieved.

20 . Korthian equipment slots are freely selectable

With the random convertible equipment from the dealer in Oribos (see point 9) one goes back in the development again a step back, but in the armor retailer of the push of death in Korthia now can be bought the appropriate armor items for the respective slot. Currents cost only 750 instead of 1,000 stygia, weapons for 1.500. Anyone who has bunked the Korthia armor tatters in front of the patch plays roulet in the slot election.

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