Importer that disguised as a crew to a pane

The irrational foster of the monuments that are incorporated by anyone is deeper than that. Importer that can be disguised as a crew penetrates the ship.


The Mongle Earth developer Innslos announced a new role Shapeshifter, which is added through the following key updates through the official blog on the 27th (local standard). The shape shifter is a transformational body, as a transformational body, that can be disguised as a different crew as a name. Therefore, if you use the disguise during play, you can hide the stagnation and work more secret.

More specifically, one of the living crews can be made to the same crew to the same crew of the alternatively to the color, name, and decorating items. There are a few conditions for the balance coordination, but it looks so strong. First, the transformation remains only for a certain period of time and leaves evidence in the process of moving after transformation. Based on this, the crew can confirm that the shape shifter is hidden by the survivor. In addition, in the conference that is a non-poster, it can participate in a transformer.

And when you create a room in the lobby, you can adjust the options for the shapes shifter. First, you can select the number of shapes and the appearance of the appearance. For example, up to two people, the appearance probability is 30%. It is possible to determine whether the transformation is continuing, and whether to leave evidence in the transformation process. The production team was able to confirm that there is a fun, such as meeting two crews in the same room in the same room in the inner testing process.

Importer that disguised as a crew was emerged through the next update, and the update schedule has not yet been announced. In addition, the production team is preparing a new role for the crew side.