Developers and Defense Groups NFT send a letter from complaint to Valve before the prohibitions in Steam

The plot with the NFT continues and some fervent followers of this market, which already begins to accuse too many criticisms and controversies, remain firm in the system.

Non-Fungible-Token have begun to lose relevance and more with some measures that I value launched with the aim of avoiding the numerous scams that are being reported.

In October, Valve launched a series of prohibitions in Steam that, roughly, blocking what is related to cryptomones, Blockchain and NFT games and even eliminated games that included topics related to all this or based on these technologies.

The measure was celebrated by many users, but there are always some who do not agree. The response of the sector in favor of the NFTs to this decision by Valve has been known today.

A group of 26 developers has joined a series of associations such as Fight For The Future, Enjin (focused on Nft) and The Blockchain Game Alliance to launch a letter asking for Valve to withdraw these restrictions.

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Games that use Blockchain technology and technologies based on Web3 tokens such as Dao and NFT can positively improve the user experience of games and create new economic opportunities for users and creators, the letter begins.

To also present an opportunity to simplify and modernize intellectual property rights in ways that would greatly benefit from independent creators and established corporations.

Consider changing your posture on this topic and allowing tokens and, more widely, the use of Blockchain technology on the Steam platform.

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This NFT fashion within the videogame sector begins to flite and is that the market that was supported in this model has been deflated in a few months.

Source: Kotaku.