BBL climber Heidelberg misses jump to the top

Daredevils Who Lost Their Lives During Insane Stunts

The climber MLP Academics Heidelberg has conceded his second season defeat in the Bundesliga Bundesliga and missed the leap to the top. The Heidelberg documents on the 6th matchday at the now Hamburg Towers with 75:81 (31:36). Hamburg s Maik Kotsar, who made a successful corpseger 20 seconds before the end of the decision, was with 21 points of best throwers of the game. Hamburg Towers – MLP Academics Heidelberg 81:75 (36:31). \ – Best Werfer: Kotsar (21), Homesley (12), Brown (11), Hollatz (10) for Hamburg – Martin (18), Lowery (17), Ely (12), Würzner (10) for Heidelberg. – Viewer: 0