The total number of shipments of the world of Kimi Kami Hynochemic Hemorbent tops over 1 million Future updates also participate in pascid and accumulation

Aniplex announced that the total number of shipments in the whole world has breached more than 1 million, of the battle action Demonstration of Hinokami Blood-style released on October 14, 2021.. This work is a social phenomenon of the popular animation Demonstration Blade based on the first household game as the first household game, and the game released for S / Xbox One / STeam for S / Xbox One / Steam It is an action game. The good-looking full-scale production, including beautiful graphics and characters, has been well received, and strong sales are recorded. The 3rd free update was already announced after the release, and the first-year-end-November-November-November, the first edition, Codence, accumulation, Supringe, 猗猗 mobel is playable character It will be added as.