Blitzcrank Set 6 TFT Spells Objects Origins and Synergies

Blitzcrank returns to TFT Set 6, Gadgets in madness. Find here all the info about it, his fate, his statistics and synergies, but also his advised objects and some ideas of compositions.

BLITZCRANK SET 6 TFT – Stats, Objects and Synergies

Cost : 2 (2/5/17)

650/1170 / 2106
Attack speed


1 hexagon
Magic resistance

Recommended objects

out of Blitzcrank

Actif | Mana: 175/175

Blitzcrank catches the farthest enemy, inflicting magic damage and stunning for 1.5 seconds. His next attack after caught plans his target in the air for 1 second. The allies within range prefer to attack the target of Blitzcrank.

Damage: 150/300 / 1337



At the beginning of the fight, a number of incomplete components of the ferraler champions is transformed into full object the time of the fight. In addition, the rail champions won a 70-PV shield that increases for each object equipped in your army.
(2) 1 incomplete component
(4) 3 incomplete components
(6) All incomplete components. The pv bonus is doubled


The protectors are walking a shield for 4 seconds when they launch a spell. This shield adapts to their Max PV, but does not accumulate.
(2) 18% PV Max
(3) 30% PV max
(4) 45% PV max
(5) 60% PV max


The bodyguards earn bonus armor. A little after the beginning of the fight, the bodyguards cause adjacent enemies.
(2) 100 armor

(4) 200 armor
(6) 300 armor
(8) 400 Armor

Compositions for Blitzcrank at TFT Set 6

No composition with BlitzCrank is for the moment available, return later!

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