Wow Patch 9 1 5 is the Fomo

The Fear of Missing Out (Dt.: Fear, to miss something, Akronym Fomo) is a form of social clausing / anxiety / concern. The phenomenon describes the compulsive concern to miss a social interaction, an unusual experience or another satisfying event and no longer to stay up to date. This feeling is particularly accompanied by modern technologies such as mobile phones and social networks.

Finally! Patch 9.1.5 Release Date Revealed! What To Expect From 9.2 and 10.0! - WoW: Shadowlands 9.1

In a few days, Inworld of Warcraft finally appears Patch 9.1.5. However, the little content – and cares players. Is it just a Fomo patch?

For weeks, the patch is being discussed stimulated in the WOW community. If not exactly the swipe of jokes and flirt spells overshadow the discourse, then talk about the actual content. And there is the concern, because it is in the coming patch 9.1.5 right mau.

What is the problem with patch 9.1.5? The problem is that Patch 9.1.5 has no real Selling Point , so nothing with traction, which player really can bind to themselves. While there is a whole range of improvements that make Grinds more enjoyable and the game more rounded – but at the core the update improves content only, which players have played extensively anyway for almost 4 months and the self so many a hardcore fan already the neck Hanging.

That these contents are improved is good – but especially for players they have not experienced. And that should only be a very small part. Returnees would be a possible target group. But you can really lure returnees with the promise to Wow, that the patch basically on innovations only the time immigration: Legion brings with themselves and otherwise warmed up old content?

The fact that a temporally limited event is the highlight of patch 9.1.5, many players in the subreddit of WOW for the opinion: that s just a fomo patch.

What does Fomo mean? The term Fomo comes more or less from the marketing world and means written out Fear of Missing Out , so to German: the fear of missing something.

It is usually at the same time limited offers, which deliberately play with the concern of the potential customers, that they miss something important and maybe in the future never again or only after a long time the chance to get what they escapes when they escap Do not play the patch now immediately.

In the context of MMORPGs, this Fomo often has unique events, but also at shop offers. For example, World of Warcraft has already taken certain ribs from the shop in the past and sold them with a goodbye -bundle and the indirect threat that the ribs may never come back.

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Content in WoW Patch 9.1.5. are only active at certain times

What to do with patch 9.1.5? For many WoW players, Patch 9.1.5 is just such a Fomo patch, because the main feature is the time immigration: Legion, along with the magistry tower. However, this is only active every 18 weeks for a week – with the exception from the first time, because there is the event 2 weeks.

The new cosmetics, so in the future there will be earning every year only 3 weeks, as the event returns every 18 weeks, so are perceived as Fomo measure. Many players do not understand why time immigration is not permanently active and everyone can experience the content then when he or she wants.

The critique of some players: Blizzard has only brought this Fomo content so that people in the fourth quarter of the year are briefly concluding a WoW subscription, so that in the quarter numbers later looks good, even if they effectively only the 2 weeks of the event want to experience.

How is your patch 9.1.5? Do you find the content okay? Or is that all too hard on Fomo trimmed and that s why stupid?