Copies of Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy are sent early developers warn about spoilers

The launch of Guardia of the Marvel Galaxy is missing only a few days, so as is the case of any game, people who will not play well when they launch will have to be careful with spoilers. However, it seems that people will have to be especially cautious now, even before the game is officially launch. That is because copies of guardianes of the Galaxy apparently, have already been sent early, and the game developers have warned people who are saved by spoilers if they are one of the lucky recipients of an early copy.

The Official Twitter Account for the Galaxia Guardia, the game tweeted about the first copies in more hypothetical terms saying Some of you could get it soon». If you are one of those people, he said the tweet, keep the spoilers secretly so that the turns and turns that have not been mockery remain secret until the players can experience them for themselves.


Gotggame launches in just a few days and some of you can get it before. If so, enjoy it privately and save the spoilers. It s a great story and there are turns and turns that we have not even hinted out! We would really like everyone to experience them while they play.

  • Guardians of the Marvel Galaxy (@gotgthegame) October 21, 2021

For those who are concerned about having to stay away from Twitch, YouTube and other platforms for fear of watching Spoilers, it seems that they will not have so much to worry about there, since Square Enix will eliminate this type of transmissions. As they are seen. A follow-up tweet warned that the transmission of the game before its official launch would give players a copyright strike, so presumably those transmissions would not be maintained for a long time.

«Note that the transmission of the game or the publication of complete items before it is officially available for the first time (6 a. M. PT / 9 a. M. ET / 2 p. M. BST / 3 p. . CEST On October 25) will incur a knock or strike, the second Tweet said. «Keep those secrets safe! Thanks!

A quick look at some of the answers to Tweet showed that the players had obtained their copies before, but abstained from sharing any of the turns with those who had met. In the guardia of the Galaxy Subreddit, people shared copies of their games still wrapped after they had arrived early, so it seems that there are definitely more than a few people who will play the game before planning.

There is no way to play the game in the form of early access through anticipated orders or any other means, so those who do not obtain an early copy will only have to wait to play the day of the launch with everyone else. Guardia de la Galaxy de Marvel However, will be launched on October 26, so the wait has almost ended independently.