Wow half a year without a new content Patch 9 2 will need a long time

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In Wow, Content-Laute is currently coming again. The last relevant content came with the past patch 9.1 in the form of the sanctuary of the rule, the Dungeon Tazavesh and the Korthia area including campaign quests into the game. This is already nearly four months at the present time. Through the sanctum many guilds are already through or have painted the sails due to player and motivation deficiency. Tazavesh was already interesting for most players only for a single visit and Korthia has lost his charm after so many months full of Grind. So it s time for new content. What lucky that patch 9.1.5 is right outside the door. Because there are a lot of new content … not!

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market - Mythic Dungeon Boss Guide
Intermediate patch without content

Because it is known to have the patch that will come to the live servers of WOW on 3 November, lots of adjustments in the luggage, which make us easier or make it more pleasant. From the elimination of the hit cap over various twink releases to the simplification of the pact change. That s nice and good. But new content brings 9.1.5 only in the form of the new Legion time immigration and the associated magic tower. That s whopping two weeks full of fun and gorgeous !!!! (irony off) .

To finally get real new content, we have to wait for patch 9.2, but which has not even appeared on the horizon.

When is patch 9.2?

While polyginkers are happy, everyone else questions: when is Patch 9.2. Finally and brings new content? For this we have a look at the past to look at how long the periods between an X.X.5 patch and the subsequent content patch were. And the knowledge gained from it does not cheer one s just before joy. So long were the distances between the patches:

7.1.5 to 7.2: 2 months 18 days
7.2.5 to 7.3: 2 months 16 days

8.1.5 to 8.2 : 3 months 13 days
8.2.5 to 8.3: 3 months 21 days
9.0.5 to 9.1: 3 months 20 days

If we generously assume that the distance this time is no longer than usual, which would, however, would really be surprised, then may we expect patch 9.2 in the coming year . That would be about half a year without a new content. Although this already existed in the past, but it is still not good. In addition, this was usually the last patch of an extension. More than half a year without new content in the middle of the extension? Was there only in the very popular (yes, is irony again) Battle for Azeroth. And at least there was smaller content updates like new quests or encounters in the fighting character.

Blizzard misses Easy Frags

All the more surfigable that Blizzard does not use the patch 9.1.5 for this to bring out some easy fragens. Because in terms of customizations they leave almost nothing, which can easily and quickly satisfy any players. In the field of content that would be possible. Not only in the form of a new and quickly designing RAIDs, which one could rausen. Also, the division of Tazavesh and its release as two mythical-plus dungeons certainly would have spilled some players over the long wait for patch 9.2.

Or at least keep the magic tower of the Legion time immigration permanently active. Then interested players would not be forced to powers everything in the two weeks at the beginning of December, but could let time have time and chill the seven scenarios or even do the tower with all 36 specs of the game.

How do you spend the coming months to patch 9.2? Do you still have fun at the current content, you twink a lot or do you a break and prefer to look in other games such as New World Pure?


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