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World of Warcraft brings as little content as never – and that has noticed the players. The direct comparison makes many angry.

World of Warcraft is currently anything but a high-altitude flight. The criticism of Blizzard grows and continues to grow and that is not only at the sexism scandal, but also at the content in MMORPG. He has fallen pretty much for a while. In the subreddit of Wow, the players have now looked back and recorded: we had only one content patch per year.

Why are players so dissatisfied? This has several reasons. First of all, World of Warcraft is still a premium game . It does not just require a subscription, but also around every 2 years a new extension that must also be purchased.

The second point is that other games with a similar cost offer significantly more and bring two to three large content patches per year.

In a now locked reddit thread, the user wrote Newaltair:

As I have informed about patch 9.1.5, I have just realized that we only got a content patch per year for the last two years. One was in January 2020 and one in June 2021. And if the rumors are right, then we get only one in 2022. […]

I knows that just a lot is going on at Blizzard, but what exactly do we pay for a subscription?

With content patches , in this case, the big patches are meant that also really innovations in the form of gaming and content. The significantly smaller X.5er patches are not meant.

Then the statement actually agrees. Patch 8.3 appeared in January 2020, in November the extension Shadowlands and the only great content patch of Shadowlands was patch 9.1, which appeared in June.

Another reddit user, American Picketfence, compares the patch speed of Shadowlands with the speed of updates of previous extensions and draws a gloomy image:

IN MISTS OF PANDARIA Came patch 5.4 at about time, in which now Patch 9.1.5 appears .

Warlords of Draenor had patch 6.2.3 approximately at the same time as now Patch 9.1.5. […]

In Legion, a year after his launch, there was just the fourth RAID animal with patch 7.3. At the same time we are still in the second RAID in Shadowlands and have no idea when 9.2 comes out.

Ungfähr at the same time as patch 9.1.5 has published Battle for Azeroth two larger zones [as Korthia] and his third Raid animal, it also brought new craft materials. Compare that with Shadowlands, where some professions just stop 75 because they were too lazy to bring more .

DAFÜR Incidentally, they require 13 € per month .

The mood is still quite gloomy and also completely objectively happening at World of Warcraft s currently just too little when compared to previous extensions.

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Why is nothing at WOW? There should be a whole set of reasons. On the one hand, World of Warcraft has had massively suffering from the Covid pandemic. Even the release of Shadowlands had to be postponed because the developers have not finished in time. This delay will now be trapped by patch to patch and should also move through the year 2022 until the next WOW extension is announced.

At the same time, the WoW team with Harscher criticism has had to fight for the available content. Many game content did not like players, so much time had to be put into the repair. That too should drastically delay the development of new content.

Of course, however, it seems that faithful WoW fans in the coming months of serious times opposite and new content will be waiting for a while. Whether it blizzard is still to help Shadowlands to a worthy end remains to be seen.

At least Patch 9.1.5 has a release date – then the developers finally have time to work on patch 9.2 …