Chapter 1 Deltaune Chapter 2 User Korean Patches

User Korean Patch Production Team Team SM released the Deltaun chapter 2 Korean patch through team official pages on the 19th.

Deltaun is a subsequent of Tobi Fox, well known as Undertail. With an indie game that shares the previous and world view, it came out to chapter 2 now. Chapter 1 was released in 2018, and Chapter 2 was distributed in September.

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With the undertail, the domestic fan is a game, but I have not supported Korean, so I have a sorry to have a sorry. In particular, Deltaun also has a game that is an important game. The Team SM has also produced user patches in the last chapter, and this time, we showed chapter 2 Korean patches.

Delta Run Chapter 2 is a day behind the previous chapter, and I drawn the adventure that was spreading from the new dark world Cyber ​​World . Cyber ​​World shows the mechanical but pleasant appearance, unlike the world that was somewhat bizarre. The main character is against the new final boss Queen to expand the world of darkness, such as Cyber ​​World.