Basketball Heidelberg with third win

Basketball-Bundesliga (BBL) is the first division of the German Basketball Championship. This championship includes the 18 best German teams. Each team competes in round trip games, the first eight teams being qualified for the Play-Offs. The quarterfinals, the semi-finals and the final are played at the best of the five games. The last two of the championship are relegated to PROA.

Starter MLP Academics Heidelberg has retracted the third victory in the third game in the Basketball Bundesliga. At the Job Stairs Giessen 46ers won the team of coach Branislav Ignjatovic 75:68 (42:26). Jordan Spirit led the guests with 28 points to success. At the 46ers for which it was the second seasonal leg, Brayon Blake was most successful (15). Brose Bamberg also remains unbeaten in the league. At ratiopharm ulm, the former production master with 94:83 (44:45) continued. The Telekom Baskets Bonn and the Niners Chemnitz had to accept the first season defeat. Bonn defeated the BG Göttingen 81:90 (38:42), Chemnitz lost at home against Medi Bayreuth 72:86 (34:38).