How to uncover FPS in Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles

This guide will show you how to uncover or unlock your FPS in the PC version of Demon Slayer – Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles.

How to uncover FPS in Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles

[Note: This Works Only In Offline. The Framerate Will Go Back to Its Default State AS Soon As You Go Online.]

Many users have complained lately that the FPS in the last Demon Slayer game are blocked in 30. No matter what they do, the frames will not pass 30.

Now, this may not be a problem for the usual PC or console users who use 60 Hz monitors. They are people with 144 Hz or 240 Hz play monitors who are bothering with this. I am one of them myself.

And can we blame them? You will see, once you have the pleasure of playing games at 120-144 FPS on high frequency update monitors, you simply can not go back. Forget 30 fps, even 60 fps begin to feel like great degradation at that time. So, is there a solution for this?

How to remove the limit of 30 fps

As I mentioned earlier, this only works offline. This is what you should do to uncover the FPS in Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles:

Go to your C Drive
Open the Users folder
Double click and open the folder with your username.
Open the Appdata folder [If You Cannot Find The Appdata Folder, It Might Be Hidden. I HAVE MENTIONED THE STEPS TO UNHIDE YOUR APPDATA FOLDER BELOW]
Open the Local folder
Search the folder called APK and open it
Open the Saved folder inside it, followed by the Configuration folder and then the WindowsnoEDitor folder
Inside the WindowsnoEDitor folder, you will see many .ini files
Open Engine.ini using notepad
Now paste the next at the bottom of the .ini file:
Busefixedframerate = False
SmoothedFrameraterange = (Lowerbound = (Type = inclusive, value = 30.000000), Upperbound = (Type = Exclusive, Value = 60.00000000))
Change the values ​​of MINDESIREDFRAMEREATE and UPPERBOUND = (type = exclusive, value = 60.000000)) will change your FPS in the game
If you want 100 fps, change minendemedframerate = 60.000000 to minendesiredfraderate = 100.000000 and (type = exclusive, value = 60.00000000)) A (type = exclusive, value = 100.00000000))
This is how the file should be seen once you have finished paste:

Save the file. And that s all you need to do to unlock your FPS in the game.

How to make the AppData folder visible

The AppData folder can be hidden for some users. Below is explained how to make the AppData folder visible:

Open any folder on your PC. It can be a new folder or an existing folder.
Click on the option see at the top of the folder window
There you will find a configuration called «Hidden Elements»
Check the box next door

That s all folks!