Werder Restory ward around scorer Ducksch

Actually, the words of Markus first sounded very optimistic. Marvin Ducksch had normally moved in the past two training sessions and the trainer of the SV Werder Bremen had not heard of the coach of the SV Werder Bremen until Friday afternoon, that he has greater problems. But also mentioned beginning that the 27-year-old still feels something on the back . A final prognosis, whether the striker at the away game on Sunday (13.30, live! At players) in Darmstadt – as this season will always belong to the starting eleven, the coach said, Can I make bad .

An failure of WÖGE difficult. With four hits and two assists in five games, ducksch is the most dangerous player in the Bremer squad. Nine goals scored Werder in total, since the attacker was committed to the end of August by Ligaconkunkt Hannover 96 – a certain dependency can be severely denied. However, the beginning does not want to hang this topic too high: We have to take care of a bit. Marvin certainly has its share, he also did the goals, but the coach, but you have to see that the other players on the field Have brought him well.

However, the question with a potential ducksch waiver would be who should use these passes instead. Although Werder generally gives many chances, but Bremen s other offensive players such as Niclas Füllmaschrug, Eren Dinkci or Romano Schmid, at least so far they have not yet appeared in this season as a scorer. Nevertheless, the beginning far from it from conclusion to conclude that if Marvin can not play, then all collapses .

The others may also gladly radiate a certain door of goals

And yet the 47-year-old would wish if other players would screw up their quota, alone to be heavier credible. I think we have enough quality in our rows to get this. As a position-guaranteed ducksch replacement, Füllkrug would be questioned, which had recently been expressed as a loser of the current situation in Bremen.

At the beginning, these statements were exaggerated, the 28-year-old was an integral part of the team. He can certainly help us at the front, logically – that he has already shown in the past. But generally, the coach finds that Werder should not be dependent on his storms: The others may also gladly emit a certain goal.