Freddy Fazbear s pizzeria simulator will soon change

Five Nights at Freddy s has the reputation of being a terrifying series, even if it focuses mainly on jumpscars. Certainly, there is a rich history filled with traditions, an interesting story and even many novels, but let s confess it, we are here for the animatronic killers screaming in our faces and, if you are like me and have a deep and Irrational Phobia Animatronics, you must overcome one of your worst phobias for this tradition. It s as if every major Skyrim event forced you to fight against frozen spiders for one hour to discover it.

Five Nights at Freddy s: Freddy Fazbear s Pizzeria Simulator is the sixth set of the series and follows another pizzeria employee while trying to survive the murderer animatronics. Unlike other games, however, it s not just about looking at the cameras; During the day, you have to manage and maintain the restaurant, and the night you have tasks to accomplish on your computer as the printing of leaflets or posters, which unfortunately do just enough noise to attract the curious animatronics to you And even more evidence (if it took) that the series exists in a world without health and safety rules, kill yourself.

The game coming on the switch raises the problem of … Well, play a game known for its jumps on a portable console, the latest models of the switch that does not have the opportunity to play on the big screen. Since the beginnings of the Wii were prey to people damaging their consoles – or television – with misuse of wiimote, this could cause problems all over the line. The switch is also often considered a family console, and with the considerable amount of goods for children below the age of the game, this could lead some people to buy the game for their children.

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