PES Club Manager comes to an end in December of this year

It s been several months since Konami announced that Pre Evolution Soccer , or PES , disappeared completely. Instead we have a new football experience that has as a name efootball , and that as surely you know, it has not had a very good reception between the fans because of all their bugs. Now, it will be PES Club Manager who falls down at the end of this year.

Via Your Account of Twitter Official, PES Club Manager announced that as of December 15, 2021, the game servers will come to an end. In other words, it will be impossible to play it.

Thank you all for playing Pes Club Manager.


We have an important ad for the users of our game.

As of the 10am Time of the Pacific / 12pm Central Time of Mexico on 12/15/2021, PES Club Manager will be discontinued (End of service).

Get to know more details about this within the game.

We Have an Important Announcement for All Users of the Game.
AS OF 5:00 (GMT) on 12/15/2021, PES Club Manager Will Be Discontinued (End of Service).
Check Out for More Details in the Game. Fffe

  • PES Club Manager (@officialpescm) October 13, 2021

PES Club Manager, As its name indicates it, it is a soccer simulator where you carry the control and administration of a professional team of this discipline. Currently, the title is only available for cell phones iOS and Android.

Editor s note: It was easy to assume that after the disappearance of PES, Konami would also seek to modify its other properties with this same name. We still do not know if they are going to launch a new version of this game for cell phones, but at least for now, you will have to go by saying goodbye to him.

Via: PES Club Manager