FIFA 22 The controller configuration error is altering the division balance Rivals and the Weekend League

YouTuber Riberaribell has posted a new video to explain how an error in the configuration of the command is altering the balance of division rivals games and FUT Champions weekend league .

In FIFA 22 A competitive configuration has been introduced that deactivates many games for matches in the competitions presented in popular mode. WAS . The problem occurs when this configuration is disabled and due to an error remains even during Division Rivals and Weekend League matches.

The difference in height that determines this error between the players who use it and those who are playing correctly is enormous and consequently the equilibria of the two competitions are completely broken. EA Sports has already been informed and we are sure that it will solve this annoying error as soon as possible.

If you suddenly think you can not get the usual results and you can not attack and / or defend as usual, now you have an answer to your doubts. At the end of the news we leave the video that shows the error in question.

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