Wow six right weekly PVP

From Wednesday, October 13, the nearest PVP excretion begins in the current extension World of Warcraft Shadowlands, a once published with the tomb of the Sargeras patch, which takes place every two weeks with changing battlefield modifications. Here is the official description for roughing six right :

In six right, teams from six players are facing three legendary battlefields: the wickhymne gorge, the silver fracture and the temple of Katmogu. Each battlefield deviates a bit of its usual standard version. In the war glymoon lanyard, for example, the flags are slightly closer to each other, in the silver fracture mine you have to focus on less lores and only two balls want to be tracked in the Temple of Katmogu .

Have fun with the back Lotto !

WOW: PVP Recessed – General GameInfo
Every two weeks, a new PVP shroud is open to you, in which the rules are changed a bit. Each shroud offers various modes, rules and scenic changes that deviate from the normal playing style of a battlefield. You can register about the group browser (keyboard shortcut I ) in the Player against Player tab, and just like casual battlefields, you also receive a reward for the victory.

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