Kimetsu No Yaiba HINOKAMI CHRONICLES What we expect from the next game of the Cazademonians

A few weeks after its premiere, Sega has shown a little more than the next game of the Franchise of Kimetsu no Yaiba: HINOKAMI CHRONICLES . With the date of departure the next one October 15 For everyone, we have been able to see a little more about what the game will bring from Tanjiro Kamado and the group of celebrations.

In turn, we want to leave some wishes of the game for your departure , and is that this type of fighting games come out successful or are forgotten quickly. What we hope is, above all, that we amacted from the first scene that we see how the anime happened a couple of years ago and makes us feel the fire that we all carry our hearts to defend what we love the most.

What we know so far of Kimetsu No Yaiba: Hinakami Chronicles is the following:

Battles in sand with three-dimensional dimensional dimensions, controlling our character from the series and from which they will have different skills asking. We will have the availability of playing it so much in a way online and local.
Mode History that will cover the first two arcs argume of the original manga, including the fights against the heads of each of these stories.
The voices will be the original to anime , so the immersion will be total and the enjoyment will be double.

However; From all this, as spectators of the anime and / or manga readers, what do we really want within the game so that it is worth spending our money on it? They are many the factors that can motivate us to make this game not one more as the case of Boku No Hero or One Punch Man , and the one that stands out is the study behind it: cyberconnect2

our wishes for the game: a unique and unrepeatable breathing

The developer of the game is cyberconnect2 , that thanks to it we had the huge saga of video game settled in the universe of Naruto . While these games are not outstanding or masterpieces, they were a fresh air puff for players who did not want a 2D environment and preferred a three-dimensional flat . In addition, to all this is attached to us its history, which tells faithfully the facts events in the manga with very funny fights and bosses unique in the saga.

That is why n we exclude you with the next game of Kimetsu , since the developer not only tries to emulate the story well, but it puts us in the skin of the characters at that time in particular. Therefore, return to revive Tanjiro s fight against Ru I can leave us again speechless and shine in the eyes. Feel Zenitsu power In its entirety with the first posture or the Tagus of Inosuke Facing the enemies of it. We want to feel alive with the game just as it happened with the anime that has captivated all of Japan.

The game Technique and artistically will be spectacular , with a story mode that leaves us just as amazed as with the original work. But let s remember that it is a struggle , and if the movement, the response of the characters or the sensation of control over them can not be good to leave us with a bad taste of mouth for which we love this franchise .

Recall that the characters are unique , with a totally different element and many particularities. Without going any further, Zenitsu can only use a movement so it will be necessary to see how it works for the character of the character s Gameplay. Those would be the biggest doubts that we could have of the game; If CyberConnect2 does things similar to Naruto classics, it is likely that we are before the best alternative to conventional and competitive fighting games.