Apex Legends shares the first details about the new type of event

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Meet The #1 Bloodhound In Apex Legends On All Platforms (100,000+ Kills)
ResPawn Entertainment presents a new type of apex legends event this week with the launch of the first Apex Chronicles event. The first of these events will focus on Bloodhound and assign players not only play as legend, but also to follow exclusive targets of the character. Bloodhound s Apex Chronicles is scheduled to start September 29 and give players the opportunity to gain progress in the battle pass, Apex packages with Bloodhound theme and, for history fans, more characters development for Bloodhound.

The first of these events is called old ways, new dawn, and to start, you will have to play like Bloodhound on the World s Edge map. That is the home of Bloodhound, so challenges will only be active there. The challenges must also be done in an unknown environment, but that won will not be a problem now that the qualifying division has begun with classified players now playing in King s Canyon.

We present our new type of event: Apex Chronicles. Take a look at the link below for more information and immerse yourself in our first, «Old Ways, New Dawn» with Bloodhound tomorrow, September 29.HTTPS: //t.co/hte5thvcd7 pic.twitter.com/vmx8wm56xi

  • Apex Legends (@playapex) September 28, 2021

Even more interesting than that configuration is already how players really activate the event once they enter a game. While playing as Bloodhound at World s Edge, players must find a white raven somewhere on the map. Respawn provided the following image to show how that crow would look like, but it is not clear if this is the only location where you can find or if there will be multiple starting points around the map.

The latter seems more likely depending on how ResPAPAn described the next stage of the event. After finding the crow, a search of the Legend tracker will start. Once you start, it seems that Bloodhound will simply have to follow the path traced before them to complete the first part of the event. Players are assigned unique paths, said Respawn, so you will not have a Bloodhounds train all following the same route as they shoot and hit each other. Players will also be able to resume their trips from a checkpoint if they do not exceed the full search in a game.

The Apex Chronicles event as a whole is divided into five parts that start with a prologue and four chapters that come later. These chapters only unlock after a given period of time, so it can not complete everything at a time on Wednesday.

This type of event is now just one of the many that Respawn introduced in the past. Conversations based on tradition and unlocked comic pages through the acquisitions of Treasure Pack are another, but Town Takeover events are, by far, the most interactive of the group.

If Bloodhound has its own unique event first, expect to see other legends get their own Apex Chronicles events in the future.