Breakwaters and its interactive ocean will make its debut in October on Steam

Founded in September 2018 by Phillip Heckinger, former technical and artistic director at Airtight Games and Microsoft, the small studio Soaring Pixel Games will make its debut soon with Breakwaters, an island sandbox that stands out for its way of controlling the waters.

On paper, Breakwaters is an extra sandbladder, with its island frame, procedural generation and construction system. However, the proposal of Soaring Pixel Games did not need only 3 hours to achieve its funding goal on Kickstart as it stands out for its management of the ocean. Thanks to magical crystals, the player can indeed interact with the extent of water as rarely and move them as he is to make a passage and discover what is hidden under the waves.

Proud of its liquid management, the game includes a system of pumps and pipes that can drain water masses to reveal resources and suck water into structures to store it. It is then a question of using the water pressure to power devices to automate tasks in its own base. This system adds to the hidden crystals in the world that will create water where there was no, to repel the ocean to harvest resources or to attract water into the desired areas .

However, it is not a matter of making a mumuse without worrying about its environment since impressive Titans will greatly disrupt the exploration until the player will be able to get rid of it. Despite its ability to do what it wants water, the explorer will have to find schemes allowing him to build different types of boats to which he will graft tools like crane (to recover a treasure swallowed at the bottom of the ocean ) or the barrel (to defend itself). You will have to make choices from many tools also including browse lights, armor, sails, or engines.

Playable alone, Breakwaters can also live in cooperation with online game, friends not too much to explore the 350 km² of this open world. Breakwaters is designed for three different types of players: the casan trees, explorers and adventurers. This means that players can enjoy many different play styles, such as construction, agriculture, fight, adventure and more. There are some tastes: casual players can relax on the beach to harvest resources, while those who are thirsty for action and adventure can fight huge titans who are raging in a world otherwise peaceful , explain the developers.

Soaring Pixel Games plans to launch early access from its current October game on Steam, although the exact date still needs to be determined. Breakwaters will also release later on unspecified consoles. Early access should last at least six months and will be embellished with objects, missions, biomes, vehicles, monsters and Titans over the updates.