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Update 2.30 is there for Destiny 2 and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch.

Bungie has now published a new patch for Destiny 2, which should appear for all platforms. The server maintenance is already completed so that you can play the game online again.

If you have the PS4 version of the game, the patch number 2.30 is. However, this patch is officially Hotfix number This update appears only one week after the publication of Patch 2.29 at the beginning of this month.

It does not look like this new patch contains new features or content. This hotfix adds many troubleshooting and some changes to gameplay balance. You can read the full PATNOTES below.

Destiny 2 Update 2.30 Patnotes (


Tests with Osiris

Special ammunition is no longer updated during the revival
Businessman for equipment for sale by Saint-14 added to prevent accidental purchases.
Weapons received from the reputation ranking reward of Osiris tests on Saint-14 have now become active their masterpiece slots.


Added tooltip to glory and elimination playlists to indicate that your game search capabilities are preferable.


A problem has been resolved, through which some player Wayfinders Voyage I could not complete when Petra did not appear after interacting with the compass.
An issue has been resolved, which could not be completed the quest Tracing The Stars II when Atlas Skews were lifted before taking the quest.


There has been a problem that the test area strike for players did not appear on Nessus if they had not unlocked him before the start of the lost season.

Game and investment


Sexified weapon modifications for impact, charging time, explosion radius and projectile speed can now be purchased in addition to the tests of Osiris at Grandmeister Neightfall and Raids.
Fixed another problem caused by Telesto.
Teleso bolts do not produce any energy balls when taken with a proximity explosive knife.

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A crash has been fixed, which could be caused by a certain combination of armament modifications.

The information acquired above comes from the official website of the game. Destiny 2 is now available for the platforms PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.